Aligning scattered workforce to your business strategy


A well-known but often a lot misused base for any organisation is to have a clear strategic business plan. Sometimes business strategies are simply made with not enough effort to succeed, and sometimes companies concentrate on making a great strategy but fail to pass it through employees and company personnel.

Business strategies can be generally divided into three categories: cost strategies, differentiated product or service strategies, and focus strategies. Cost strategies are based on minimizing company costs and transferring this into customer benefits (for example big stocks with cheap prices). Differentiated product and service strategies rely on building value for customers by offering them specialized and custom products or services, like for example an unique customer experience. Focus strategies are a bit like a combination of these two, and they allow companies to focus on certain product types and still be able to sell it in consumer friendly prices.

Employee aligning starts with engagement

No matter which one of the three main ideas for the business strategy your company is most into, to get your staff aligned in it you have to make sure (you and) your employees know what the core idea is behind it. One way to practice this is to build a culture of collaboration and interaction in your organisation, where everyone can and is willing to share and pass their ideas, thoughts and other information. An effective way to do this is to have regular meetings and collect feedback between all the units, locations and different positions.

One of the main things to start the aligning is to make sure your personnel knows their roles: what is expected from them, and how it fits in the whole picture of your company’s business strategy and mission. Good ways to manage this is to set clear goals for employees with short-term benchmarks and try to predict the rocks on the way and avoid them. Even the best ways are never perfect, so bear in mind that when you’re setting the targets they really serve the matter.

To make your workforce feel as valued as the superiors and management are, engages your employees and by that makes them more willing and easier to align in company’s business strategy. This can be done by noticing and rewarding the achievements and success in work, or offering needed or wanted training and possibilities to develop. It’s noticed that when employees are able to affect on their work they engage and adapt into the company better, so pushing your staff into this direction can be a really effective way to boost up your business.

Scattered workforce’s alignment into business strategy pays off the extra effort

When organisation’s workforce is scattered to many locations it may be hard to transfer this advice and tips in use. Transparency and well-planned organisational information sharing concept are the key areas to take into consideration if you want to align a multi-location workforce into your company’s business strategy.

To put your scattered workforce on the same page with your business strategy means you need to have the right kind of tools to reach everyone. When thinking about a classic scattered workforce company we most likely imagine a chain of retail shops, hospitality, logistics or construction – and how these people mostly work in really small teams or even on their own. To get in touch and align them, you need to have your ways to make them feel a part of the whole organisation. To do it you have to get your business strategy out there in the field straight, clear, and wrapped up in a way that your employees want to be a part of it.

There are hundreds of online and electric tools to use for desk workers to communicate and share information, but workforce in mentioned industries use their mobile phones, social media channels, WhatsApp, etc. to swap shifts or if there’s something else that needs to be informed. These can easily separate your personnel from your company and make gaps between different units. To avoid this you should bring all the communication, information and organisational values into the same channel or platform where everyone in your company can find it.

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