How do you make your customer experience consistent across locations?


When thinking about service selling industries it’s quite clear that customers rely on getting a stable quality every time they’re buying the service. The same way whenever purchasing a product it’s supposed to be alike with what customers are expecting to get. On the other hand, it often goes unnoticed how much value customers put on to the experience of buying the service or the product. Having an easy going, pleasant customer experience and being able to make that a standard gets customers to come back without hesitation.

Customer experience on the other hand contains more than the actual face-to-face action. When running a chainstore, franchise or other business scattered in many locations it’s important that all the visual effects, marketing campaign timetables, prices and most of all the service matches within the whole organisation. No matter where the actual customer service takes place, whether it’s in a retail shop, restaurant, cleaning services in your office or help desk online, people want the experience to be solid, clear and predictable. Not any of us want surprises on that sector of the customer journey, do we?

You should never let your customers get used to a certain positive experience and then suddenly let them be without it. If you can provide something better occasionally, you’re able to provide it all the time, and your customers deserves you to do so. That is why competition on markets has gone more and more to the direction where organisations are selling not only a product or service but instead the whole package of brand and all the expectations of it. Well served, happy customers work as free marketing when spreading a good word about your company.

How does gathering your workforce to get information impact on your organisational consistency?

Whether you run a business of only a unit with many people doing customer service or a multiple workplace organisation, there are few basic rules on how to make your customer experience fully consistent. At first there has to be a clear framework of how to go through the customer service process. Best way to do so is to write down what you want your staff to do, and make sure on regular basis that these instructions are being understood and followed.

It’s also important to gather together and see what’s going on with your employees without it being about supervising them. Transparency inside the organisation is as important as it is to provide transparency in business to customers. Depending on how apart or on how many levels your workforce operates, it can be hard to arrange regular meetings. Though making the effort every now and then pays off quickly because it makes your employees feel as a part of something bigger than just the location or position they currently work at, and that makes it easier to blend into company culture as well.

Besides just being in touch regularly it’s also important to be able to get reached by your employees and to communicate and collaborate with them. The most valuable information about how to make your customer experience better comes straight from the customers and most likely they’re giving it to your employees in customer service, call centers or online. When you want to improve your customer experience while making it more consistent you should consider making some every location effecting changes at the places where negative experiences seem to be most common. To get the right information you have to be willing to listen to your employees and make sure they are able and willing to contact you with their suggestions to improve their work, tell about their concerns, or pass on customer feedback that they think should be reacted.

How to use technical innovations when building consistency in your business across locations

In cases of multiple stores or other scattered workplaces it’s important for organisations to make the consistency reach through the whole brand. With a wide range of marketing campaigns, standards and constantly changing products or seasonal offers, there’s no point in sharing this information via mail or other clumsy and unagile tools. Customer experience can go a long way through all the channels used by your company and real interaction between customer and your employee, and it’s important to maintain consistency with all of them, including your company’s internal communication channels.

Centralisation of all the information and materials created, hosted and managed to a single platform can be the key solution for an issue many companies face with their internal communication channels being disparate solutions and systems that aren’t connected in meaningful way. With all materials available and changeable under one system makes it sure that the latest instructions and policies are being used regardless of where your workforce is placed, and that ensures the customer experience to stay solid and consistent.

No matter how great product or service you are offering, with today’s competition and availability comes other features more meaningful. Customer experience is a main element when attracting new and making already existing customers satisfyingly maintain as a user of your company’s products or services. If you want to learn more of how to make your customer experience more consistent across various locations, and how you can use Sparkwork as your most suitable technical tool on how to do so, please contact us via our online form or request a demo.