Top 4 Benefits of Cascading Procedural and Strategic Changes Down to Your Frontline Employees


Organizations’ processes, products, job titles, business strategies and even the industry they operate in are changing faster than ever before. Change is the only thing that is consistent in today’s organizations. How can organizations prepare themselves and their workforce better for these changes? If all the employees were in the same room or even in the same building, cascading these changes down to each employee would be less challenging. But cascading changes down the organization becomes trickier when there are employees working in multiple locations. How about those employees that do not even have a desk or an office and are always on the move – be it serving customers in restaurants, checking guests in at hotels, transporting goods on the road, looking after patients in hospitals, handling the machineries in the factories. Bringing this scattered workforce, that we at Sparkwork prefer to call frontline employees, to the same page is a massive challenge. Almost all of these frontline employees have a smartphone, which has enabled these organizations to access their entire workforce. The top 4 benefits of cascading procedural and strategic changes down your frontline workforce are as follows:

  1. An aligned workforce: When everybody in the organization understand the purpose and objectives of the organization, as well as their holistic role in it, then we can call them that they are aligned. It’s human nature to resist change. However, a more aligned workforce is more responsive and prepared to changes.
  2. More engaged workforce: Making sure middle managers bring the frontline managers to the same page and frontline managers then in turn bring the frontline employees in the company’s strategic direction ensures that the entire workforce has bought in to the change to be implemented and thus creates a more engaged workforce.
  3. Consistency in operations and customer service: It’s hard to bring different brands, locations and departments consistent across entire organization. Cascading the changes down the organization powers everyone to be consistent with the organization’s procedures and ways of working.
  4. Improved communication: Everyone must understand the change to be brought and their personal roles in it, and all the strategic alignment needs to be built around the organizational structure, so that changes are clear and easy to reflect from the individual positions. That’s why it’s necessary to do various check-ins and use transparent and informative communication in the organisation. After these points are taken care of it’s natural for employees to transform their strategic thinking along with company’s.

Sparkwork is a modern software for knowledge sharing and bridging the gap between strategy and execution. Sparkwork is suited to organizations that have multiple locations. Our customers use Sparkwork for onboarding, training and informing their entire workforce. Sparkwork is a new way for organizations to adjust their employee collaboration, engagement and transparency among all their units and locations. If you want to learn how our platform can help you to push forward the strategic, procedural and policy changes down your organisation, send us an inquiry and we get back to you as soon as we can.