Fun Ways to Train Your Mobile Workforce

Too often, the need of training for frontline workers are overlooked, since employers assume that frontline workers don’t have the motivation to rise up the rank. Truth is, although they may not aspire to sit in managerial positions, they do want to be constant professionals. Having a training program in place will engage employees in seeking for more efficient way to perform their job.
Here are some creative ways to train your mobile workforce:
  • Gamification and recognition
Learning company compliance, policy & rules might feel imposing. At Sparkwork, we throw a healthy dose of competition and gamification into the mix to make learning more exciting. To address different learning styles, you can create interactive quiz and visualization, and keep text to a minimum, or replace text with audio file.You can assign tasks to employees, that can feel like a game by awarding points and badge. Consider translating those virtual assets into real life recognition, be it a verbal compliments in front of the staffs, or a small financial incentives (gift cards, personalized notes, etc.). Sparkwork content authoring tools allow you to create fun bite sized lessons by uploading your content to existing emplates.  You can also customize leaderboards in different locations to boost the learning stimulus as the staffs are aware of the top performers.
  • Peer training
Sparkwork makes creating courses so easy that anyone in your company can actively participate in the process. Not only does it increases collaboration in the company but it also sends a strong signal on how you value your staffs’ idea and expertise. Acknowledging the employee as Internal Subject Matter Expert can increase his/her engagement level with your company. A retail specialist can share new Often asked questions he got from interacting with the customers on a daily basis to help other sales reps learn about a product line faster. A driver can share new notes about road safety that can help other drivers on the same route eliminate the driving hurdles. Such Just-In-Time training can encourage employees to take ownership in sharing their knowledge, and add values to the timely operation of your business.
If you’d like to see how Sparkwork can help with training your deskless employees, connect with us here or request a free demo.