7 Ways to Improve Customer Service in Hospitality Industry


Customer service is crucial in any industry that involves direct contact with customers. While it’s cliché-ridden today that the customer is always right; however businesses should never forget – the customer is the king – or at least supposed to be treated that way. Especially, this is the case if you’re running a business in the hospitality sector and customer feedback is everything.

When thinking about situations people tend to go to a nice restaurant or hotel, it’s often a special occasion like celebration or holiday, and about people wanting to pamper or reward themselves. Ok, there are obviously these cases when a customer is in a hurry or just hungry, on a business trip or in other necessary need of your offers – but whether it’s this or that, a great customer service representative takes everyone always in as they’d need to have even an extra bit of nice treatment.

7 tips on how to improve customer service in your restaurant or hotel

  1. Customer is king. Like said earlier, there’s no matter if that particular emperor is wearing new clothes or not, he still needs to feel he’s treated respectfully and is at least as valued as everyone else. Etiquette and good manners of your employees concrete a lot on this one, so make sure your staff is polite and available, and the service comes predictably good and on time.
  2. Know your customers and be aware of their needs. Why are customers choosing your restaurant over anyone else’s? What are the reasons someone keeps coming to your hotel time after time on their business trip? By gathering information of user experience you can find the competitive advantage of your company, and by that be able to provide exactly what your customers are asking for without even asking.
  3. Consistency in customer service. Customer service level should always stay stable because if you succeed once, you should be able to provide the same all the time. Anything else means failure for your customers. When your regular customer is used to get a chocolate with their dessert cafe or to find one on the pillow of their hotel room, lacking the experience once makes them feel not as much valued customer as so far.
  4. Train and guide your customer service representatives. Improve your customer service standards and make sure that everyone is always aware of what’s required of them and provide your customer service representatives the latest knowledge and information they need. Don’t scale it just to your customer service only but make a solid service concept reaching through all of your employees.
  5. Be able to receive customer feedback and react to it. Give your customers a chance to give feedback whether it’s via anonymous customer feedback form or your waiter asking opinions about the meal. This will make your customers feel that their opinions matter, and of course they do, so react to the critical feedback immediately.
  6. Be able to give and get feedback from your staff. As valuable as being able to receive feedback from your customers is to be able to process and react to your personnel’s thoughts and ideas too. Make sure the feedback goes vice versa because also your employees need to know what you’re thinking about their performance. Be careful of what kind of message you’re giving to your employees; note if there’s something to improve on and greet when there’s a place for it, not just all carrots or sticks. A well-treated employee transfers the good vibes into his work and passes it on to your customers as well.
  7. Recruit the right person for the right job. Not everyone is made for doing customer service or to serve in certain fields of this industry. Long hours with running around are very different from customer service online or at the info desk, so be sure that your staff is placed on the most suitable positions. You may have recruited only awesome people but sometimes it takes a little calibration to get the best out of them. When you succeed on this you’ll make sure the customer experience stays solid and enjoyable all the way through for both – customers and your employees.

Call to Action for Better Customer Service

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