Global Talent Trends 2017


The Global Recruiting Trends 2017 was recently published with many interesting trends. Here are our thoughts on the top 5 takeaways.

Talent acquisition has a prominent seat at the executive table.

Talent leaders feel confident that their department is helping define the future of their company. Over 83% of them say talent is the number one priority in their organization.

Which is clearly in line with how the world is developing. Downsizing and layoffs have nowadays become more of a norm than an exception, hence today it’s even more important for the organizations to train and retain the top talents within the company. There is also an equal drive from the employee perspective to grow and develop.

Recruiters will be even busier this year and are focusing on quality of hire.

56% of leaders say that their team’s hiring volume will increase and in order to measure success they are focusing on how long a new hire stays at the company, hiring manager satisfaction, and time to fill.

Quality new hires and how long new hires stay at your company can be influenced by having a great onboarding and mentoring system in place.

Budgets go to traditional tactics, but branding tops investment wish list.

While nearly 70% of recruiting budgets are spent on job boards, recruiting tools, and staffing agencies, talent leaders identify employer branding as the #1 area where they wish they could invest more.

Indeed employer branding on job boards are very important but talents that are already inside your company, they must be also constantly engaged and brought on the same page in regards to your company’s values, vision, mission and purpose of your existence.

Effective employer brand messaging focuses on culture and career growth.

Over 80% of leaders acknowledge that employer branding has a significant impact on their ability to hire talent. Candidates reveal that companies can pique their interest if they talk about career growth, company culture, and challenges.

Companies need a digital learning and communication platform for getting everyone to understand the company culture and help the talents grow professionally.

Diversity, screening automation, and data are key future trends.

Automating the screening and hiring process in order to eliminate human bias and time limitations will shape the future of recruiting. Big enterprises focus more on harnessing big data.

Automating your onboarding process with smart mentoring tools, diversity is enhanced at workplaces. This will allow you to see the progression that your employees’ make and ensure that they are aligned to your business goals.

The global talent trend 2018 had attracted more than 800 business personals, 1800 HR executives and over 5000 professionals from across 21 industries in 44 countries around the globe. The pitch in this gathering was resonating the digital transformation era, as most of them claiming they’re digital ready for the ‘Future of Work’.

As per Kate Bravey, Global Practices Head of Mercer Career,

“When we are living digitally, working flexibly, and being rewarded uniquely, we will unlock growth in the Human Age.”

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