Key Takeaways from Learning Technologies Conference in London


Last week was another great Learning Technologies Conference, an event that has been organized for over 16 years. This February, the theme is on the use of learning software that enables employees to educate themselves at work.

The use of educative tools in the workforce is on the increase over the past decade and more companies are seeing the potential of a more efficient and educated workforce.

This is achievable with the help of the software that enables employees to complete quick, bite-sized learning sessions. It is easy for an employee to schedule their learning time with easily accessible applications.

With our visit to the Learning Technologies Conference we had noticed a lot of new developments in the ways of learning.

Key learnings’ from the Learning Technologies Conference in London:

Social and collaborative learning is the future of learning

The traditional eLearning platforms focus on top-down, formal and structured training. However, today’s learners are learning beyond the “course”. They should be given a platform: to ask a question from their peers and receive feedback, share their ideas with others, experts are encouraged to facilitate knowledge sharing with new employees.

Learning should be aligned to performance

All the organizational learning must be aligned with the company’s overall business strategy. Employee learning must be aligned with their performance. Companies must have tools to conveniently align and measure employee learning and performance. Both the alignment and measurement must be done on a continuous basis in real-time versus measuring and aligning it once a year.

Community-generated videos are a powerful way to accelerate the sharing of best practices throughout the organization in a cost-effective manner

Giving the employees the power to capture their work in the form of video or picture and sharing it with the team helps generate valuable content directly from the site of work.

Converting tacit knowledge into explicit knowledge is more important than ever because of retiring and aging baby boomers

When employees leave the company they take valuable knowledge with them. Today’s organizations must have an efficient system to capture the knowledge inside their employees’ head and make it accessible for everyone to benefit. This needs a systematic framework, community, and culture that promotes sharing of knowledge.

Mentoring is valued very highly by millennials

The younger generation of the workforce often prefers a different approach than traditional mentoring. Although mentoring is highly valued, they also prefer to communicate through a more casual platform. Software that supports the mentor en mentee to communicate through a shared platform can benefit both parties. The mentee can become a mentor by educating on new developments and mentor can teach by sharing their experience.

2019 Learning Technologies Conference in London, 13-14 February

Here’s what the upcoming 2019 Learning Technologies Conference in London, 13-14 February will be bringing to the table –

  • A 70-minute discussion is scheduled for each of the topics – emerging technologies, learning leadership, collaborative learning and agility in learning
  • The practical applications of these futuristic technologies and which tools are going to be more useful
  • Understanding the synergies of the bleeding edge tech trends that can enable themselves to learning in the future
  • Recognizing the thought leaders behind the implementations of the newest learning technologies
  • Tips for leaders in increasing their influence and impact over their people and clients through engagement
  • Effectively engaging resources and customers in their e learning journey
  • Creating equal rooms for feedback and reflection
  • Tips on overcoming barriers and fostering collaboration, recognizing the opportunities for creating collaborative environments etc.
  • Integrating the collaborative elements into your new learning program
  • Monitoring and managing collaborative techniques during live projects
  • Tips on adopting an agile approach
  • Addressing the high profile organizational issues
  • Managing stakeholders and winning over critics
  • Harnessing performance consultancy

So, above are a few key takeaways from the learning technologies conference. We, at Sparkwork, help companies recognize and adopt the advanced digital workplace and officially be a part of this digital transformation era. Click here for further details.