How R-kioski Has Benefited From Sparkwork’s Innovative Learning Tools


Sparkwork approached R-kioski with their learning software. Together with R-kioski, the Sparkwork team came up with the idea of making a feed based learning system. Having the traditional LMS with courses and series together with social elements. Using communities of learning, likes, comments and sharing of best practices.

R-kioski is a franchisor and has a need to create an organizational hierarchy. This was most important for their store owners – to have insights into their employees.

R-kioski started using Sparkwork software with a multipurpose. Creating an internal “Facebook community” and combining it with a learning system. They created a new community within the software focusing on internal competition among stores, called “Golden ticket” (in Finnish).

According to R-kioski’s HR Director, Maria Sjöroos, “The engaging and community based approach has driven more employees to take courses and become better informed about our sales campaigns and business in general. Whenever a new course goes live on Sparkwork system, there will always be a few employees that are competing to complete them first. Another big benefit for R-kioski has been the scalability of Sparkwork platform. We can easily use it as an onboarding software or as a means to answer common questions. We can do this in a collaborative and engaging manner. Sparkwork’s approach has reduced the need for many classroom courses”  R-kioski have also uploaded their existing older SCORM courses to Sparkwork platform. They have noticed that employees use the point system to compete against each other in terms of learning and growth.

Maria continues, “ We were able to create a course inside Sparkwork on correct handling of credit cards and payment terminals. When this course is not fulfilled, stores may lose the ability to accept card payments.”

R-kioski adopted Sparkwork’s software with employee development and success in mind. Ultimately serving their customers with the quality standards they have set for themselves.