Oriflame Embraces the Sparkwork SaaS Solution

Educational and immersive
were keywords that got us interested in Sparkwork’s solution”, says Oriflame Oy CEO Rakel Lassila.

“The clean and modern feel of Sparkwork makes it an easy system to use. With Sparkwork’s customer oriented approach the aim is to together build a collaborative learning platform that will aid and guide thousands of cosmetics sellers for many years”, says Lassila.
Oriflame is a cosmetic house with a large selection of cosmetics and a focus on thoroughly training the sales force. Sales are done through direct sales and e-commerce.

About Sparkwork

Sparkwork Software Oy is a Finnish company devoted to raising the know-how inside organizations with its innovative technology solutions. We combine next generation human resource development (HRD), eLearning, knowledge base and collaboration into one ingenious software.

Sparkwork aims to improve the learning and knowledge retention in your organization. Find out more about Sparkwork’s capabilities by visiting sparkwork.io and requesting a demo.