Slush-week is about to start!


After HRx 2017 it’s good to start looking to the future and Slush -event this week. The annual event takes place this year from 30.11.- 1.12.2017 at Messukeskus Helsinki but aside of the official event there are a lot of side-events and other things happening. Sparkwork is there and everywhere!

Slush, tenth time held in Helsinki, is again connecting multiple startup-founders and tech talents with global investors, executives and media. This 48-hour carnival of 20 000 people has a lot going on: great speakers, interesting topics, innovative ideas and a huge amount of networking for every need.

Sparkwork is having a demo booth on Friday. There will be information of how we’re able to engage, bring together, train and share real-time information in scattered workforces. Sparkwork offers the world’s first and only software designed ground-up for deskless workers’ productivity. So there will be some valuable information offered! That’s what’s going to happen on Friday but it’s not all:

Already on the first day of Slush at the Kokoustamo, Messukeskus (14:00 – 19:00) is xEdu organising a side-event called XcitED. It’s all about EdTech and the future possibilities in it. XcitED will be full of inspirational speeches, chats and startup-companies – 50 of them having a demo booth about their innovations and solutions. Sparkwork is one in this quality group, so you can find us on Thursday at XcitED from our booth!

We are super excited of this opportunity and it would be more than great to see familiar and new faces at our booths and in the events!

Cover Photo: Slush 2016, photo: Jussi Hellsten