Sparkwork & COVID-19

Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to be at the top of everyone’s mind. The only certainty right now is that we are all in this together, as we navigate the virus and its impact on our world.

With learning at our core, we strongly feel it is our responsibility to contribute what we do best during times like these; help companies like yours deliver the right educational resources, at the right time, to learners around the world.

Free COVID-19 Course

In an attempt to quell disinformation and support our customers we have together with our partners at the Home Care Institute created a free course for you to use.

SCORM File: covid-19_workplace_guidance.zip
Example Title: Coronavirus COVID-19 Guidance
Example Cover Image: covid-19-cover.jpg
(Note: this course is available in English only.)

The COVID-19 course can be easily created from the Sparkwork Content Center.

SparkMate Chat

In order to help scattered teams communicate easily we have extended our Chat App free trial for all our exsiting customers from 2 weeks to 3 months.

Try it out by sending an email to info@sparkwork.io. We will set it up for you.