Sparkwork touched new heights in 2017 with some of the world’s largest enterprises benefitting from it


The year 2017 is about to end and it’s time to take a look of what has happened during it. For Sparkwork this has been an extremely exciting year with full of action!

Both our organisation and especially our customer base has grown a lot. At this point we have already thousands of users logging into our software on a daily basis for their internal communication, online training and finding content that is relevant to them!

In the beginning of the year we went LIVE with R-kioski, and the first half of the year was spent on fine-tuning the platform. At the end of the summer Mirka Ltd chose us for their communication, eLearning and information sharing platform, and since that we’ve been growing on faster and faster pace. The latest add to Sparkwork family was Suomen Telecenter.

With the help of your feedback and wishes we’ve got great new challenges and found out about the spots to improve the platform. This fall we have added exciting new features to our platform that further solidify the Sparkwork product offering for scattered workforce’s challenges in terms of employee communication, online training and engagement. Without you this much of valuable information would’ve been impossible to get, and next year we’re surely going to be able to give answers to even more variable needs of your scattered workforce.

At the end of the year we went at two events: HRx and Slush. The whole experience and the events were awesome and they opened a lot of doors to many new directions – they may have even brought you here to read this post.

After having such fine experiences this year, we can be found from alike events in 2018 too (more information coming later). First half of 2018, we plan to release new features that take the employee experience to whole new level unlike any software on the market. Sparkwork’s goal is to give you the right tools and framework to provide outstanding employee experience. That is how they are able to provide outstanding customer experience to your customers!

Sparkwork is on the right track to be the global brand for developing experience in scattered workforce – hotel, restaurant, retail, construction, logistic and healthcare. Big thanks to our employees, customers and partners that have helped us come this far.