The New Way to Collaborate, Learn and Engage


The traditional learning management systems are failing and collaborative technologies’ power in learning is rising.

We believe that learning management systems (LMS) that were developed 15-20 years ago find it difficult to engage today’s digital learners. Old LMSs have static, lengthy and top-down approach to online learning. Today’s digital learners learn more interactively, bite-sized and on the go, have more voice in what they should learn in making them more successful at their own jobs, and most importantly they would like to be recognized for not only increasing their knowledge but also sharing it with their colleagues. According to a McKinsey study, “The most powerful applications of social technologies in the global economy are largely untapped. By using social technologies, companies can raise the productivity of knowledge workers by 20 to 25 percent.” With Sparkwork, our goal is to help our clients create engaged, vibrant and successful digital learning and knowledge sharing communities that as per the clients requirements may also extend to customers, partners and suppliers.

What is Sparkwork?

Sparkwork is an easy to use, web based employee collaboration, learning and engagement software. Besides the standard features already found in learning management systems, Sparkwork software-as-a-service (SaaS) also provides innovative solutions for SMEs and large organizations for onboarding their new hires better, retaining the employees longer and providing the employees a common platform for creating, sharing and collaborating knowledge. Sparkwork works seamlessly on any device; desktop, tablets or mobiles. Your employees can be proactive in training themselves and get answers to vital questions on the go.

Key features of Sparkwork and benefits to your organization

Employee engagement: The employees are awarded for their activities inside the system in the form of badges, points and skills recognition. The more they learn and the more they help others in learning and solving their problems, the more recognized an employee gets inside the system. Employees can share ideas on the ways of improving your business and get feedback from other members inside your community.

Increases employee satisfaction and retention.

Onboarding: You can create templates for different job titles (Sales Manager, Developer, Technical, Customer Support’s onboarding plan) depending on your organization. You can customize the onboarding plan according to the learning needs of your new hire and your organization’s requirements at a given moment for that role. You can also assign mentors to the onboarding plan. Mentors can track and help the progress of a new hire.

Reduces your new hire orientation and training costs, lowers employee churn rate and quickens your employees time to productivity.

Continuous learning and processes & systems’ training: You can also easily create manuals and user guides for the processes and systems used in your organization. You can create content inside Sparkwork that are easily absorbed by your employees including step-by-step processes. You can create online courses and learning paths (series) and select members that should go through those content. You can create content inside Sparkwork in multiple forms; video, reading material, quiz or upload your existing SCORM course files.

Organizes your digital learning processes and complements the face-to-face training with your bank of digital knowledge.

Social communication: Your employees can share knowledge with each other with the help of Sparkwork’s social tools. They can like, comment and follow content. You can also bring relevant feeds from social media to your organization’s Sparkwork feeds.

Increases innovation and knowledge inside your organization.

Question and answer hub: Your employees can ask questions and receive answers from your organization’s community. If a similar question has been asked earlier, Sparkwork automatically suggests possible answers to the problem your employee is having and hence avoiding unnecessary questions being raised. They can learn from each other and engage with topic experts.

Reduces cost by providing faster time to issue resolution.

Sparkwork aims to improve the learning and knowledge retention in your organization. Find out more about Sparkwork’s capabilities by visiting and requesting a demo.