8 Ways to Boost Employee Productivity and Sales in Retail


It is a common fact that retail is an industry with one of the highest employee turnovers with a high expectation of employee productivity from the retailers. This is mostly because of the nature of the job. Retail is in many cases a very seasonal industry. When the holiday season starts many stores have to hire new employees, just to cope with the extra sales that occur during that period.

Because of these irregularities, store managers need to have strong training programs to get these new employees working as soon as possible. It is essential that new hires have a short learning curve and will be productive fast.

So what can you do to bring everyone to speed faster and make them feel part of your mission and vision? We have looked at some industry examples and made a list of the most important things to consider.

8 ways to boost employee productivity and sales in retail industry

1. Video learning

You might not have time to educate everyone at the same time in a traditional classroom style teaching. You should be able to deliver learning to your employees wherever they are. Almost everyone today has a mobile device, why not use this for your advantage? Create your own platform where videos are posted for your employees to watch.

2. Product training

This is another major factor that helps in employee productivity. A proper product training can help the retail staff to boost sales, as they understand and can explain their consumers about the products in a very convincing manner. Getting product representatives to tell about products that you are selling can help drive sales and the motivation to sell. You can always use our previously mentioned option, video learning as a replacement for a representative.

3. Competition

It’s not a secret anymore that competition drives sales through the roof. Why not harness this in your sales techniques? Teach your employees the fun and thrill of competing as a department or on an individual basis. Share the success stories with everyone. There is nothing more motivating than rewarding your employees with recognition.  But do keep in mind that the quality of the sales is equally important as selling the products.

4. Clear Job Description

With a well-defined job description, clearly articulated expectations and goals, you make sure that your employees start the ball rolling the moment they enter your doors. Include in this some wiggle room to allow your workers to go beyond the expectations and not just end up clocking in-and-out every day. When the job responsibilities are transparent, it helps greatly with employee productivity. 

5. Enrolling staff into eLearning programs  

A great tool to help you get people up to speed. But like all new software, it needs time to take in use. Before implementing a good eLearing strategy you must first define objectives. Around these objectives, you can shape your learner’s journey.

6. Team Building

Team building can come in many forms, for example facilitating after work activities, periodic team outings etc. Giving them a sense of connection can greatly improve the way they work together.

7. Educate on Company Values

There is nothing more important than having a common vision for the company so as to augment sales through employee productivity. This can be done by telling your newest employees about company history and background of the business.

8. Social inclusion

Don’t try to break up teams and treat them differently. Make sure you treat everyone alike and you will end up with one big functional team. For example, a mentorship program will help your employees walkthrough on how things work at your company, your department or gain job-specific skills from a mentor.

Here is a bonus one –

Follow the “two-minute rule”

The “two-minute rule” implies to most of your small windows of time that you have at work. Let’s explain in this way – If you know that you have got a task that can be done in two minutes or less, do it immediately. By completing the task right away, it actually takes less time than having to get back to it later.

To conclude…

In this very competitive industry, you need to do everything you can to get an advantage. Your workforce can be a big part of it. People still value the personal touch of sales representatives, this will ultimately make your company. Invest in them and make them the image of your company. 

At Sparkwork, we ensure employee productivity, by encouraging them to acquire knowledge about the on-going market trends, futuristic technologies and enroll themselves into various learning programs. It is this behavior change that reflects in our products and services and helps us maintain a happy customer relationship. If you have any thoughts on this post, please share your comments.