5 Features Your Digital Workplace ‘Must’ Have

2019 is going to be the year of the modern digital workplace. Gone are the days when workplace was only confined to a physical space, which employees would occupy during their working hours. With the advent of the digital workplace, today employees can freely work remotely, whilst staying within a connect environment always. As the offices are transforming into digital spaces, the workforce along with the management are now able to communicate and collaborate in different new and effective ways. 

Enterprises are adopting the latest technologies and that’s not enough. They will have to embrace the cultural changes around the workplace, work practices, and management.

That being said, most of the enterprises these days are finding themselves at the cross-roads of striking an optimum balance between the physical and virtual fundamental changes in their diverse workforce. With the ever-growing number of remote employees and satellite offices, enterprises have finally realized the essential of a digital workplace. Since not every employee of any organzation is working remotely and that the physical offices are very much active, the employers must ensure that every resource has what they need to do their jobs seamlessly irrespective of the physical factors. 

Below is a list of 5 essential features that your new digital workplace must have. Continue reading!

Essential Features of Digital Workplace


1. Mobility

One of the biggest and smartest workplace cultures any organization that embed in their policy is offering mobility. Flexibility in the working hours and allowing their employees to work remotely can disrupt productivity. Research has shown that employees thrive working in companies which offer such flexibilities. 

In order to make such strategic initiative work, the organizations should reach out to the digital workplace service providers who can ensure enabling the staff members with instant access to information they need from anywhere and anytime. When team members are able to access the required data/tool in real time, it certainly helps them work as one close-knit unit, thereby boosting efficiency. 

2. Well-populated Profiles

The main aspect of the digital workplace platform is to ensure that all the employees are well connected with each other. It becomes a sheer challenge to stay connected with your employees, especially when they are dispersed across multiple locations or working remotely. The new hires also become clueless whom to approach when they’re stuck somewhere; for instance, if someone is looking for any WordPress developer to resolve a technical issue in the blog. 

Hence, it’s hugely important to create an Intranet dashboard that features well-populated, precise and up-to-date employee profiles for the employees. These profiles should not be only confined to just the list of names and their mobile phones, but they should be able to support the following – 

  • Employees looking for their counterparts’ contact details
  • New joinees understanding who’s who in the company
  • Project teams with required skill sets and expertise
  • Identification of knowledge and expertise when seeking solutions or insight into any particular topic

3. Integrated Enterprise Search

A poorly enabled search engine in any Intranet software can frustrate the employees. Most of the existing intranet softwares do not yield the desirable search results. Besides, the search brings back irrelevant findings, thus confusing the employees and putting them in unproductive engagements. 

Today’s advanced Intranet software solutions offer one search rather than the multiple search across various platforms. Integrated enterprise search in the digital workplace platform is a vital and significant feature for optimum user experience that boosts productivity and efficiency. 

Effective intranet search should include the following functionalities – 

  • Seamless integration with the existing cloud-based platforms to provide a single point of search
  • Simple and user-friendly content management – content titles, summaries, accountability, tags and reviewing outdated pages
  • Advanced search analytics to determine if any search has failed in generating the results or any pages lacking the relevant keywords

4. Intranet Homepage

The fourth and another important digital workplace feature includes the Intranet homepage.

While creating the Intranet platform for your organization, you should also ensure that your homepage is de-cluttered and displays all the features necessary to enhance the user experience. Here are the best practices to keep in mind while designing the Intranet homepage – 

  • Keeping the design simple and minimal
  • Building appropriate global navigation
  • Including relevant content such as announcements, quick links, calendar, social media, slideshow
  • Setting powerful security
  • Designating Intranet homepage content manager
  • Adding a homepage tile to the Office 365 launcher

5. Data Integration

Last but not least is the data integration. The main motive of the digital workplace is to provide a central platform where employees can access files, communicate and also fill up any kind of online forms from anywhere and anytime. In order to make this feature work, the software should be able to integrate data from different software systems. The Intranet software service providers offer a myriad range of connectors which help in integrating data seamlessly. 

For example, data such as SAP from ERP (inventory control system) can be integrated into the interface of the digital workplace. All the authorized users can then access the information easily as per their convenience. The data can also be integrated in editable format, thus allowing the admins and project heads to edit and update the documents. All functions can be set up in one place, thus making the users self sufficient and eliminating the role of any support executive. 

Technology per se is imperative for the digital workplace, but then it is not the only prerequisite. Creating a successful digital workplace demands an extensive understanding of the professionals leveraging the technology.

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