8 Successful Digital Workplace Factors: Identifying Road Blocks

Digital workplace is swiftly replacing the traditional physical offices, encompassing all sorts of Intranet technologies. This ground-breaking employee portal is an advanced version of the existing Intranet platforms. It includes operating systems such as payroll, business applications such as virtual meeting software etc. 

While we’ll be discussing the essential factors necessary for a successful digital workplace, let’s first explore and identify the primary roadblocks. In this post, we’ve not only identified the underlying challenges faced by the employees but also offered some solutions. 

Identifying roadblocks to successful digital workplace

  1. Intranet Security – How secure is your company’s Intranet? 

As per statistics, only 38% of the companies across the globe claim that they can successfully deal with any kind of cyber attack. Having said that, still, a majority of the organizations’ Intranet is vulnerable to the risk of being hacked or infected with malware. The disruptive digital workplace ensures complete security, thereby establishing a powerful defense system. It features the most advanced firewall protection, best of the breeds encryption, external security audit facility. While choosing your digital workplace service provider, make sure to check if their Intranet software is compliant with the latest security standards such as ISO27001, GDPR etc. 

  2. Distributed Workforce – How effectively your IT department is managing? 

Ensuring the IT requisites of the distributed workforce are being met in an efficient, effective and safe way is still a challenge for organizations. The reason being the workforces are dispersed across several workgroups, teams, and locations, thereby making the communication a real-time challenge. This problem is especially faced by companies who are hiring employees remotely. They are failing to keep up the workflow due to a lack of effective communication between the employees and project heads. It’s time, organizations deployed the right communication tools in their Intranet such as video and chat – this will offer the advantage of attracting and retaining the best talents, irrespective of their locations. 

In this digital cubicle era, it’s critical to bridging the gap among the distributed workforces. With the advent of integrated collaboration tools, digital workplace has now become a huge success. In fact, some major IT companies such as Zapier and Close.io are already ditching the office and encouraging remote work. A well-suited digital workplace with all the required tools can be an ultimate solution to the challenge of connecting the distributed teams.  

3. Inefficient Employee Portal – How to prevent wasted work hours?

One of the major reasons for wasted working hours is an inefficient employee portal. This wasted time directly affects productivity, customer satisfaction and ultimately employee retention. Organizations establish Intranet platforms without any tech-driven conceptual thinking. This kind of irrational approach brings in a lot of in-house challenges for the end-users. Most of the times, they are unable to find clear and accurate information for their queries.

The most effective way to combat such challenges is to set up a proven Intranet platform equipped with bleeding-edge collaboration tools and self-explanatory applications. One centralized information hub should be established within the Intranet that is intuitively categorized. This hub should be effortlessly leveraged by your frontline employees, without having to bother their project heads for petty things.

Chatbots are some of the viable options to automate answers for the FAQs. Such tools can save a great deal of time and employees can boost their efficiency by becoming a pro in using this newly installed Intranet platform. 

4. Traditional Communication – Are these methods yielding engagement?

The traditional method of using email is long gone. In order to stay updated, employees working remotely should be given access to team collaboration tools in Intranet such as personal newsfeed, a file-sharing system, intelligent search engine, people directory etc. The employees should be given a demo on how to enable remote networking programs such as VPNs. Open communication channels boost employee engagement.  This also further helps them in embracing the organization’s mission, which bleeds into the way, the way their customers and clients are treated. 

5. Complex software – Is your Intranet platform intuitive?

With the onset of various applications and tools, it’s obvious to end up with an exhaustive and complex Intranet portal. While establishing a digital workplace, the first thing that organizations should ensure is that the software is user-friendly.  Usually, the Intranet dashboard is cluttered with so many applications requiring separate login credentials. This restricts the employees to leverage the platform completely.

A Single Sign-On feature should be enabled, which should be a single portal accessed by all the employees. The multitude of systems should be consolidated, as simple is better. Programs which are frequently accessed should be focused and user-friendly systems should be adopted. This way, organizations can improve digital workplace technology experience. 

How to improve your digital workplace experience?

how to improve digital workplace platform infographics

Those were the primary roadblocks which you should be identifying and working upon. And the above 8 factors to improve your digital workplace can prove useful to you while establishing a new Intranet platform for your employees or revamping your existing one. If you miss any of these above-mentioned elements, there are chances you will jeopardize your digital transformation initiative. And when you get it right, the digital workplace can evoke innovation and boost productivity, thereby adding tremendous value to the company’s business growth. 

To conclude…

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