Digital Workplace Infographics: 2019 Review


Digital workplace is no longer just a buzzword, thanks to the onset of the digital transformation which is now an enterprise priority. By the end of 2019, digital transformation’s turnover is expected to reach $1.7 trillion worldwide, i.e. 42% since 2017. 

Business leaders across the globe are already feeling the heat and that they are already in a digital race. Two-thirds of the organizations believe that their companies must pick up the pace to survive this revolution. The million dollar question is how does this sense of urgency play out on the ground? Do current tools such as digital workplace boost knowledge sharing? Do employees trust the security of their internal systems?

Here is an infographic depicting the state of the digital workplace – 

digital workplace infographics

Traditional Intranet raises questions on security 

Cyber attacks have always been eminent threats to organizations since the time immemorial. Data protection should be paramount for any Intranet service provider. 27% of employees had this to say,

We know our business has security protocols in place for sharing information from the Intranet, but we aren’t familiar with those guidelines.

Because of this kind of uncertainty, the enterprises today feel the urgency of this new age internal communication platform to keep their information shared internally to be safe. Even IT employees agree that unlike traditional Intranet, the digital workplace is not only safe but user-friendly. It is a great advantage for the scattered workforce and deskless employees who can access the Intranet anytime and anywhere. 

Organizations should understand it’s time they upgraded their existing Intranet. When their employees actively avoid leveraging the organization tools and instead look to Google for their own logos, and are unsure about the security, it’s time to look for a new path toward digital transformation.

To conclude…

This next-generation digital workplace platform is nothing like the traditional, cluttered, hard-to-navigate Intranets of the past. With solutions including management hub, video tutorials, blogs, newsletters, chat, project room, admin center, and social media, today’s Intranet helps solve real business problems by letting employees communicate, collaborate, share knowledge and engage with each other. It’s no wonder that by 2020 the proportion of organizations implementing digital workplace platforms will increase over 60%. Sparkwork is a pioneer in offering Intranet and communication services. You can click here for a free demo to find out more.