Evolution of Digital Workplace


As digital workplace managers, you all do it from time-to-time, despite bearing the scars of re-launching your Intranet home page from the last time. In this post, we’ve shared an infographic depicting the evolution of the digital workplace. 

The workplace has recently undergone a digital evolution. This rapid digital transformation is increasingly becoming crucial for businesses of all sizes and types, to such an extent that the digital workplace is now imperative to survive this change. The organizations will have different questions in mind regarding the bleeding edge Intranet such as –

  • What are the challenges facing companies as a result of this new workplace?
  • How can it be implemented such that employees adopt it as part of their everyday practices?
  • How to facilitate this digital transformation adoption?

You can click here to get a simple yet clear idea about the digital workplace. 

Obstacles in digital workplace adoption

In the digital transformation era, organizations face many obstacles in obtaining the benefits of collaboration through their traditional Intranet. Those obstacles include lack of leadership & proper management, competition for resources and recognition within the organization, siloed business units and data and undefined objectives to name a few. Multinational companies rely on the supply chains and industries where remote work is prevalent. Inadequate and obsolete technology support is often a significant obstacle to effective communication and efficient collaboration.

In the last decade, many enterprises have enjoyed widespread Intranet and communication solutions. This adoption further helps employees to leverage more efficient and user-oriented ways of collaboration and engagement. Today digital workplace service providers offer future-proof tools for collaboration such as video conferencing, applications to work in tandem on documents, and presentations, chatbots, gamification, blogs, social network etc. 

Evolution of Intranet

People in digital workplace demonstrate major diversity that takes into account factors such as demographics, roles, inclinations and attitudes. Technology strategic planners within device providers should develop strategies to support five digital worker personas toward workplace transformation.

To conclude…

Ambitious new platforms like Sparkwork Communication bring it all together for engagement. They provide a centralized platform featuring powerful enterprise chat tools, in an effort to enable integrated digital workplaces empowered by optimal employee experiences. The evolution of Intranet has come a long way. Digital workplace platforms are a great place to start. However, organizations should make sure to build human connections that make these tools a powerful force for innovation and continuous improvement.