Intranet: Bridging Communication Gap


The ultimate Intranet software – Bridging the communication gap for non-desk employees. 

Even if there are a variety of digital workplace solutions available in the marketplace, each of them offers a different combination of capabilities. The challenge is to match the business requirements of an organization with a specific platform that best elevates employee engagement and enhanced employee productivity. 

These days, Intranet service providers are offering employee-centric digital workplace solutions that help organizations connect and align their workforce with minimal friction. Employers can now unite their scattered workforce and deskless employees with mobile-first Intranet software. As an employer, you can now break silos – connect your teams and knowledge so that they can shine at work daily. The platform also helps you ensure your scattered employees stay informed anytime and anywhere with company news, files, documents, and organizational knowledge.

Instant access to frontline through Intranet

Thanks to the disruptive technologies, you can effortlessly eliminate the impending problem of frontline employee engagement with the advanced digital workplace software. The present-day company network offers an ultimate solution to challenges faced by your people, who especially don’t have a business PC, corporate phone and any other means of communication device/access. Gone are the days, when you had to rely on the stereotypical local chat groups, social media channels etc. In this digital age, time is the most valuable thing and speed is more of the essence.

You don’t have to anymore burn your business values and bottom lines, as the bleeding edge Intranet could be your one-stop solution. Now instantly connect your entire frontline workforce and deliver extraordinary customer experiences.

Key features of digital workplace

sparkwork intranet tools


You can now create interactive and engaging content. You can keep your employees updated on standard operating procedures (SOPs), on-boarding process, system rollout, policies, and compliance.


With the help of this new age software, you can automate your paperwork and tedious processes. You can leverage intelligent workflows and checklists to set your company on auto-pilot – saving you thousands of hours in manual work.


Import/export your data from/to your business systems (HRIS, ERP, G Suite, ADFS). The fully integrated Intranet platform like Sparkwork Learn help organizations bridge the communication gap by bringing learning, communicating and doing closer than ever.


You can now gain in-depth insights into how your staff interacts with your intranet content, filter based on job title, location, language.


Intranet does not need to be boring anymore. The gamification and engagement tools are now available to happily engage your entire workforce.

 How digital workplace can help you?

sparkwork intranet software

1. You can create customizable Intranet platform

This disruptive platform bestows power into the hands of your end users. By leveraging flexible Intranet software, you can create a customizable digital workplace that aptly suits all your business requisites and users’ expectations.  This well-equipped software can be easily fine-tuned as per your needs and evolves with your business.

Your project heads can control their workspaces to –

  • Customize landing pages for their teams
  • Manage projects efficiently
  • Create & add web forms & workflow apps
  • Monitor an individual’s deliverables
  • Collaborate with clients & stakeholders
  • Roll out promotions
  • Publish newsletters & win announcements

2. Your Intranet can be your collaboration hub

Despite the onset of numerous technological advancements, employees still have the tendency to stick to the traditional tools and methodologies. Reason being, most of them don’t find the installed software or dashboard compatible and user-friendly. Today’s Intranet solutions exactly work on these areas. They help companies provide an effortless transition to their people, thereby ensuring increased efficiency.  

3. Tools that make your Intranet the center of attention

You can not ignore the fact that there can be distractions at work, especially when employees don’t know how to get access to any specific information/file they’re looking for. Luckily, with Intranet software solution available in the market, you can give your employees access to an entirely new host of your business processes from a centralized location.

The smart movie is to learn about the benefits of your company network’s collaboration tools. By doing so, you can easily engage your employees & drive team efficiency and productivity to new heights. The collaboration tools enable you to create a digital platform across the organization. This platform facilitates knowledge sharing culture among your teams. The simple and intuitive design further makes it easier for everyone in your company to incorporate and leverage their day-to-day workflows.

4. You can now boost social media

These days, the tailor-made software can aptly fit with your brand values.  The new age Intranet software stimulates your business growth and looks like any social app. The embedded social features enable your employees to have rich collaborative experience around tasks. Besides, the digital workplace platform is flexible enough to be custom-built complimenting your brand color & logo.  

3-step process to find a digital workplace software

If you’re looking for an Intranet service provider then this 3-step method will help you map your business requirements to selecting your vendor of choice.

  1. Define your existing Intranet problem
  2. Clearly define your technological requirements
  3. Research and short-list vendors based on their strengths

Reimagine Intranet

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