Intranet Platform: Then Versus Now


Although the Intranet platform market seems far-flung, we often work with teams who are asking “what is the digital workplace for?” As intranet managers, from time-to-time, we all do it, despite bearing the scars from the last time. With digital transformation taking over, a lot of confusion has surfaced leading to Intranet and its forerunner digital workplace.

Hence we have come up with a comprehensive blog post featuring the basic differences between Intranet platform and digital workplace.

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For many organizations, the style and design of their Intranet are outdated. Their Intranet platform serves nothing more than a repository for the company’s basic information. Even enterprises that publish regular updates have not thought of transforming their site into the digital workplace. While they maintain high-level information but do not leverage the technologies, hence very little personalization.

The obsolete technology does not allow the managers to do much with the site, and with less to no administrative access for the employees, the pages gradually go stale. Thanks to the inception of the digital workplace, employees no longer go through information about offices, cubicles, etc. but they are now able to communicate, collaborate and strengthen relationships with their colleagues. They can now chat in person, book conference rooms, publish newsletters and get the latest news about the company.

Few signs of an outdated Intranet platform

Poor user experience — The antiquated Intranet platforms are difficult to navigate, and search buttons don’t return needed results. Besides, they are not visually appealing and users lose interest in using them as they lack a modern feel

  • Lack of flexibility — One of the major drawbacks of the legacy platforms is their rigidity. The design is too stubborn to be enhanced or make any changes to it. A certain amount of content can only fit into the existing parameters
  • Lack of modern technology —  The on-premises systems are yet to transition into cloud-based technology, hence they feature poor functionalities. Some of the most frustrating problems include an inability to integrate smoothly with other software
  • Maintenance and support — The traditional Intranet demands frequent involvement from IT staff, as issue resolution is not possible from the user side. Its maintenance is time-consuming
  • Mobile incompatible — Despite the prevalence of mobile devices, the older Intranet platform is not compatible with smartphones due to lack of mobile apps. This is a serious drawback, as deskless employees rely on mobile devices to stay connected with the workplace

How Intranet has evolved

The new age Intranet platform is built from the ground up. The digital workplace incorporates the futuristic digital transformation technologies such as AI, chatbots, cloud computing, and IoT to name a few. The evolved Intranet cobwebs with common business software effortlessly, and it mirrors the user experience of popular applications.

intranet platform to digital workplace

Intranet and Social Networking

The most recent evolution in Intranet software is the integration of social features.  The enormous popularity and dependency of social networking platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin have ushered in a new era of enterprise social network. It enables users to access a wide variety of content quickly and at ease.  In response to the widespread use of social networking, Intranet platform now includes similar features that allow for uninterrupted communication between the employees within a business. 

These social features provide a gateway to the successful collaboration among employees through engagement in the same way they leverage personal social networks outside of work.

To conclude…

The best social Intranet platform does more than just providing space for corporate news. The new age digital workplace has features specifically designed to encourage engagement and collaboration among co-workers. It brings the whole workforce together into a single instantly accessible hub.

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