Making Deskless Employees Leverage Intranet More


Deskless employees can only effectively utilize their skills and talents to the full extent if their jobs’ purposes and actions make sense to them. It becomes imperative for companies to provide meaning so as to ensure employee engagement.

The modern workforce, especially the millennial employees are always curious to understand the purpose behind their contribution to their organizations’ success. There are several challenges for answering such mission-defining questions such as the collaboration for the non-desk and frontline employees. Those employees are challenged by this factor on a daily basis, whether it’s getting into a conference call, attend a meeting or get updated company news.

The deskless employees have different technological requirements as compared to their office-based colleagues. In the franchise sector, the workforce including hotel staff, field service technicians, utility workers, warehouse and restaurant staff etc. have been cut off from the technological benefits from the time immemorial. With the advent of the digital workplace, this seemingly impossible requirement can now be effortlessly fulfilled.

Digital workplace is a holistic set of platforms, tools, and environments for work, delivered in a usable, coherent, and productive way.

With smartphones becoming ridiculously low-priced and the unlimited Internet data access, there is now a huge opportunity for the Intranet service providers to help organizations connect their non-desk workforce and unite them regardless of their work location.

As per Google,  80% of the workforce (approximately 3 billion) is performing physical or deskless work daily. Alongside mobile initiatives, companies are incorporating intranet to their workplace strategy. The intranet helps connect the employees and inform them of the latest business news. As such, the intranet should be treated as an on-going effort to facilitate collaboration in the workforce. As much as you, as an employer, make an attempt to create a social environment for your staffs, your employees themselves need to realize the value from the intranet in order to leverage the tools. 

How to motivate your deskless employees for leveraging Intranet?

For companies who are struggling with making the Intranet part of their employees’ daily engagement, we got a few notes:
1. Make sure your employees are aware of the solutions
We’re talking about the solutions here, not just the intranet itself. Your employees don’t want to use just another fancy piece of technology: they want a solution to some roadblocks they encounter in their job. By understanding your employees, the nature of their work, the way they get work done, their daily work routine, their interactions with other departments, their pain points, you can lay a well thought out plan for your Intranet, and how it should be adopted in different departments. The Intranet launch date could overlap with some major company event. Increased visibility can draw sufficient attention from your staff, especially those are on site and don’t have regular access to a computer.
2. Build Intranet into daily workflow
The Intranet should be a place where your employees log in and out daily. It’s supposed to eliminate the information overload from the “Just Google It” approach when your employees want to learn about your companies, new ideas, or new policy in place. Intranet is the curated place where employees can tap into existing Subject Matter Expert internally. The more contents and processes you build into the Intranet, the more robust Information Portal it becomes. If your drivers only check the Intranet during their 30 minutes lunch when they are off on the road, take their interest in mind. If your construction workers check in with their supervisor 15 minutes every day, build the content around that time window. If the Intranet is not built for deskless workers’ convenient, they will shift to text messaging, which your company has no visibility into what is needed to make them do the job better.
3. Send relevant messages
Think strategically of how you can disseminate relevant information to relevant people. When you start bombarding non-desk workers, who already have a faster responsive nature than deskbound workers, they start losing interest. For example, a change in job site safety hazards in one location is irrelevant to other locations. Ensure that you store information locally and make it easy for employees to find. For most often asked questions, you might consider having a guide, so that employees can look it up at their pace. If the employee sees the values in the Intranet, they can encourage coworkers to follow suit.
4. Express appreciation
Going out on the field all day on their own could be quite isolating. Your happy hour or office board game might not even reach non-desk workers. There is no co-worker to turn to for their small wins. As a manager, you can give a shout out to the whole team to show how you appreciate your employees’ work. As it might be difficult to organize a celebration as you do in the office, giving your deskless employees recognition on the Intranet or in-person will boost team’s morale.

Non-desk workforce – No more out of sight

Making your deskless employees connect with the business, whilst staying connected with them at the same time is all about reaching them in a native, intuitive way. Mobile-ready Intranet can optimize the way you communicate – leveraging an all-in-one platform.

As the working landscape is constantly evolving, you can be sure that with the right integration of digital workplace, uninterrupted communication, effective collaboration, and a valued workforce, non-desk workers will never feel left out.

Today, mobile-enabled intranet helps you to communicate with your deskless employees in a friendlier way. While the right technology is there, it’s crucial to have a clear goal in mind of what you wish to accomplish by rolling out or upgrading an intranet solution for your entire workforce.
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