7 Ways to Welcome New Employees


A successful company always ensures to welcome new employees and make them feel home. For new hires, the first day of a new job is always nerve-wracking. The workplace culture is new for the candidate and there is so much to observe and learn. 

You hired a new employee, but there is still so much you have to do to get this person up to speed on your business practices. Recruitment is one aspect of hiring new people, but just as important should be how you will onboard them.

The start of your new members can set the tone for the rest of their career with you. There will always be minor hiccups, but with having a plan you can help limit the impact or avoid most of them. Making sure that the new employees feel welcome right from the start is utterly important.

In order to welcome new employees and allowing them to integrate successfully in your company, you will require a series of steps that start soon after the candidate is hired.

7 ways to welcome new employees and onboard them effortlessly

With these tips we will be focussing on the first day of the job, ensuring a smooth transition into a fun and productive relationship.

how to welcome new employees

1. Make them feel you’re expecting them

Sometimes, when a new employee arrives on the job on the first day, he/she discovers that none of the team members were even aware of their joining. To make it even worse, the admin department seems struggling to find workstation for the new hires or the tools such as computer/laptop, Intranet access or an intercom. Instead of welcoming new employees, such negligence makes the candidates wonder why they were hired in the first place. The employers can avoid this by making necessary arrangements beforehand. The smart move is to plan ahead of the new employees’ training programs prior to their arrivals. This will make the newly hired employees a sense of professionalism and a systematic workplace culture.   

2. Provide them proper training through LMS

You would never want to be recognized as an organization whose onboarding process is outdated. The improper and disengaged training process can result in the loss of resources’ retention. eLearning can play a crucial role in creating an effortless onboarding process for the new starters. Simultaneously, they can adapt and learn about their job responsibilities, thus boosting efficiency.

3. Start by setting up accounts

Before getting to all the company information it might be a smart idea to set up their accounts. Not only is this practical, but also gives a sense of trust. Confirmation of employment by giving them company accounts can be a powerful tool to get new employees involved in the business.

You don’t have to explain all the features of the software, that is something that they can find out in the days to come. But having this already planned can have some great benefits. But we’ll leave that for another blog entry.

4. Give information, but not too much

With your newest members joining the ranks, you’ll be eager to teach them all that you can in the shortest time possible. This is the right spirit but can be overwhelming for people, it can be sometimes seen as a bit too much and can scare people.

Make sure you are telling the right information, schedule it and make sure that it’s not too much at the same time. People can already get bombarded by all the new things, give them some time to process and absorb.

5. Provide them a mentor

Setting up a peer-to-peer support program can be extremely helpful to integrate them into your team. Having a “go-to” person can help them feel more comfortable about their job. A buddy should be someone that knows her/his way around the company, has great social skills and reflects company values.

6. Team lunch

This is another important way to welcome new employees. Halfway through the day, your new employee should be pretty hungry, it would be nice to talk about what your newest member has learned from you. Giving them the opportunity to ask questions in a more laid-back environment can set the tone for a healthy relationship. The only problem that might occur is finding a good place to have lunch. But can also be a great opportunity to learn about each other’s favorite food.

7. Give a brief explanation of company goals

Company ideology is important because it aligns everyone toward common goals. This is something worth sharing right away. Share with them something to be proud of.

To conclude…

They say the first impression is the last impression. The onboarding process can leave a lasting impact on the new hires’ minds. A well-articulated induction procedure collaborated with the eLearning program can greatly help employees easily adapt to the organizational culture. Creating a world-class onboarding is a big task, don’t aim for perfection from the start. Make sure you have a checklist ready on how to welcome new employees and make them feel home. 

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