eLearning Experience for Employees: 4 Tips to Consider


As you have decided to integrate the training program in your Intranet, you should also ensure it yields a great eLearning experience for your employees. well, only implementing the online training software is not enough. You should determine your employees are transformed into willing and perpetual learners and are making the most out of it. 

If you’re wondering how then you are the right place. In this post, we’re going to share a few essential tips on boosting eLearning experience, thereby ensuring your employees complete their LMS courses. New hires as well the existing employees should have complete knowledge about their work profiles and constantly upgrade themselves to enhance their efficiency and productivity as a whole. In order to ensure they gain and retain new skills and knowledge, you should come up with effective and custom-made online learning programs. This is a win-win situation. While employees acquire new skills, you succeed in retaining top talents by boosting employee engagement.

Here are some essentials tips to help you get started with your LMS journey.

4 tips to yield eLearning experience for your employees

  1. Brief them why they need the LMS training

It might seem obvious, but employees should understand the clear purpose behind your newly implemented online training program. Your employees should get their relevant answers for this frequently asked question – “Why should I take this training?” The learning objectives should be clear and linked to the employees’ goals and their responsibilities in your organization. 

Besides, you should also ensure you’ve management buy-in and your supervisors are able to explain their team members the importance of the course and how it can enhance their skill sets. At times, you’ll also have to invest in management training, in order to quip your supervisors with the required information needed to encourage their team members to undertake the training. 

2. Provide necessary information about your LMS endeavor

Only a simple email announcement to the organization won’t help. You need to communicate with the employees and encourage them to take the training courses seriously. In those meetings, you should ensure they have all the information they require to complete their eLearning courses. Here are some points to include in your agenda – 

  • Let them understand why it is important to take up the training
  • Let them know they can always complete the course as per their convenience and that they shouldn’t worry about doing overtime for the sake of learning
  • Explain to them how they can have a great eLearning experience, as the LMS is designed to accommodate the way they want to learn. They can go back to the previous content anytime
  • Let them know that you provide micro-learning. They can take the course in smaller chunks, thereby making their online training experience a success
  • Explain to them that your online training program is quite flexible and mobile-ready. The LMS is designed to accommodate vacation/sick days and they can always resume their course as per their convenience
  • Assure them that you can always organize weekly online sessions if at all they have any questions or are stuck anywhere in their learning modules. That being said, to make it easy and simple, LMS service providers are offering self-explanatory and custom-built courses. This eliminates the necessity of any third person’s help/guidance
  • Last but not least, you can arrange for an introductory session so as to prepare your employees mentally for the online training

3. Acknowledge and reward your employees who complete their LMS courses

In order to ensure your employees have a great eLearning experience, you should always encourage and praise them for their effort taken towards learning and acquiring new skills. If you are serious about building a constant learning environment, where your employees not only work but learn something new and enhance their skills then you should reinforce the behaviors you want to see more of. You should consider congratulating employees who have earned their new certifications and reward them as well as managers for their encouragement and support, thus establishing a healthy relationship with the workforce. 

4. Make your LMS platform interactive, engaging and fun

Always remember these two crucial points while integrating a new LMS software – interactive and immersive. Apart from imparting knowledge, your training program should be able to engage the learners and hook them up with virtual scenarios through video tutorials. Also add quizzes at the end of every session in order to understand how much the employees have grasped from the modules. 

To conclude…

With just a little effort and research, you can give your employees a great eLearning experience. Start with a clear purpose and agenda and never forget to acknowledge and reward your workforces for helping you help them serve better.