Interesting LMS Facts: Infographics


In this infographic post, we’ll be sharing some interesting LMS facts to make you understand where the eLearning industry is headed these days. Ever since the inception of the cutting edge learning management system, the corporate training has gone through a paradigm shift. The eLearning is now the fastest growing vertical in the digital transformation industry.

The Learning Experience Platform (LXP) has recently become a buzz word (1999) that has caught substantial amount of attention both from organizations spanning across all possible types of industries. Quite impressively, LXP is now revolutionizing the learning approach by the otherwise procrastinating individuals by motivating them to learn and interact on an almost daily basis through digital media.

Did you know?
Almost every corporate training program that exists on the web today is powered by a learning management system (LMS).

The LMS facts infographic depicts how eLearning platform has dominated the corporate training industry and disrupted the status quo of employee training procedure.

Organizations, these days, are ditching the traditional classroom training methods and are adopting the digital learning techniques. One of the major LMS facts is that it is now being widely recognized by the industries and corporates for successful delivery and recording of their course content. The eLearning solutions comprise of numerous features and customizable applications which are designed as per the users’requirements. These include gamification elements, communication channels (such as email and forums), and tailor-made themes that seemlessly synchronize with the company’s brand.

It’s not surprising to see how learning management system has come such a long way ever since its inception, but what remarkable is how rapidly it’s been consumed by almost all possible industries across the globe.

In its early days, LMS was more of a “behind the scenes” application. However, today it is being leveraged directly to disrupt the learning experience. The modern eLearning software, especially the LXP is flexible, open-source, and feature-rich.

LMS facts infographics

We are sharing this infographic on LMS facts based on extant statistics and consumer behavior analytics.

lms interesting facts infographics

To conclude…

The above illsutrated mind-blowing LMS facts clearly indicate LXP is the future. eLearning is going to dominate the learning and training industry. Learning management system has the potential to disrupt the way we think about knowledge transfer. Learners, especially the employees, are no longer confined to the classroom sessions. Instead, they’re now digitally empowered and are just a mouse click away to obtain their necessary training requisites and enhance their skills.

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