Learning Experience Platform: Where Learners-in-charge


Learning experience platform is a thriving sector in the employee training services market. Thanks to the digital transformation technologies, LXP has been creating quite a disruption ever since its inception. As they say, change is the only constant. Technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate. Transformation and dynamism are now the norms in the eLearning industry. The learners’ first LXP not only empowers employees to meet their job needs in the most intuitive way but also in a way that is tailored to their specific needs.

As per Bijay Baniya, CEO of Sparkwork,

Leaning experience platform is a single-point-of-access, consumer-grade user experience system induced with disruptive technologies for enabling eLearning. LXP is the enhanced version of LMS capable of doing many tasks such as curating and aggregating content, creating career pathways, yielding networking, boosting skill development, and tracking learning activities delivered via multiple channels and content partners. LXP’s centralized platform enables businesses to provide an engaging and learning-rich experience. It reduces their reliance on an LMS or talent suite as the learning hub.”

Key features of learning experience platform

In order to explain further what Bijay has mentioned, let me add a few more layers with its key features –

  • LXP comes with a modern interface, consisting of AI-driven recommendations, panels and mobile interfaces
  • It features all forms of content including articles, podcasts, blogs, micro-learning, videos, and courses
  • It includes social pages for employees to connect with each other, and for creating good online authority
  • LXP provides learning paths which help you track the learning outcome
  • It features gamification, badges, and certifications for creating interest among the learners
  • LXP helps individuals easily publish their own content
  • There is an array of in-built learning features such as the advanced search option
  • It is mobile ready, super fast and easy to navigate as compared to any LMS software

What does it mean to have learners’ first in an LXP?

The LXP has earned its share of reputation in the employee training services market for obvious good reasons – It helps businesses solve several existing problems with learning management systems such as integration woes, under-utilized content, inefficient search mechanisms, and lack of actionable metrics.

Here are the 5 key capabilities of learning experience platforms

  1. Content

Unlike the learning management system, this futuristic training platform is capable of aligning content properly with the organization’s overall business content strategy. The LXP further enables the employers to seamlessly align company’s content offerings and the platform’s intended users.

Employers should focus on how their enterprise learning portals can boost employees’ performance in their current roles. To do this, they should work on these three LXP content capabilities:

  • Curation
  • Contextualization
  • Creation

2. Integration

One of the major advantages of the learning experience platform is its ability to enable users to access multiple technologies through a single touchpoint. It further empowers the API to streamline training, encourage e-commerce, manage and access third-party commercial content and business applications.

The LXP solution providers are these days building the APIs around their core functionality, so the organizations can easily integrate all of their use cases.

3. Social Interaction

These days, learning is being increasingly embedded in the work. Hence, employees should be given the opportunity to collaborate with others and have knowledge transfer sessions. LXP comes with social interaction applications which can be leveraged to collaborate, connect and share a network with experts.

4. Customer grade user experience

Thanks to disruptive technologies like AI, learning experience platform enhances the ways in which employees interact with technology. LXPs empower the training software with mobile experience through the use of channels, playlists and pathways and ability to promote career paths. 

5. Data analytics

BI (business intelligence) and data analytics are crucial in the L&D to monitor and track business metrics. LXP helps employers in making informed business decisions that support the development of training programs.

This intelligent learning platform can be embedded with many forms of data including performance meters, cultural information, organizational goals, employee activity reports, business metrics and career-related information to name a few.

Hopefully, the data analytics of LXP will be more sophisticated in the future, thereby helping enterprises to identify potential skill gaps, ways for business alignment and talent vulnerabilities.

To conclude…

Learning experience platform provides learners’ first experience by cloning the UX of customers’ brand values in their eLearning platforms and Intranet. If you’ve decided to upgrade your microlearning platform then you should consider these above key capabilities.

By adding the LXP to your overall employee training strategies and ecosystems, you can easily solve the stubborn issues such as disparate systems, under-utilized content, inefficient search mechanisms, and lack of actionable metrics. 

Sparkwork is an excellent learning experience platform that is one stop solution to drive your organization-wide collaborative learning. Click here for a free demo.