What is gamification and why is it so important?


You might have heard the term “Gamification” in a recent meeting, because someone wants to innovate the way things are done. But In fact the term is no innovation any more, it has already quite a history. First coined by Nick Pelling in 2002 where it did not gain much popularity at that time. Only in 2010 it was picked up by capital investors and became more of a buzzword like we know it today. Gamification is best described as a current process that is being overhauled with a game changing design.

Often what happens with gamifying some processes new software is acquired to show how your team is performing, this is visualised in some sort of dashboards. But unlike other dashboards this one will show things in a more playful and colorful design. Scoreboards are likely to be shown with ranking employees.

But what is the real effect of these playful amazing looking dashboards. Are they as useful as they are enticing. Would it actually make a difference to gamify processes. In a study published by IEEE that reviews multiple sources, they come to the conclusion that there are definitely positive effects. People seem to be more engaged when there are point systems or experience to be gained.They will be more motivated to learn new skills when the incentives are there. Even though these incentives might only be worthless currencies or ranking boards.

One of the biggest users of the gamification method is education. We all know that learning can be a time consuming process. Reading, writing notes and examination of your newly acquired skills are all routine for students. Has been for a long time as well. But with everything becoming leaner and smarter, education can not stay long behind. Unlike more labor intensive industries, we can not make education more effective by replacing it with automation. It is still people that have to do the studying. You still have to put in the time and efforts for acquiring these new skills.

But with the use of gamification it is easier to acquire these new skills, with the use of well designed courses. Picking up new skill like coding becomes easy with the use of these applications. And maybe one of the best features of this trend is that your progress will be saved. You can just pick up where you left. Becoming certified in new skills has never been this easy.

Certifications becomes only worth something, if the organization that is giving them has enough credentials. That is why this a great tool to use for companies internally. Within your company you don’t have to worry about external recognition. Giving out these certifications to the employees that have done specific courses is a great way to track your talent.

In conclusion:

Gamification is extremely helpful for everyone. If you are an individual wanting to learn new skills, or you are in charge of talent in your company. There is an application for everyone with this new technique of simplifying learning.