5 eLearning Automation Features: Powerful And Time-Saving


Are you pressed for time? eLearning automation can improve the effectiveness of your course while saving time and resources. Right now, delivering learning online is easier than ever. With the right Learning Experience Platform, you can integrate amazing features and functionality at our fingertips. By automating your eLearning platform, you will be free from the burden of micromanaging and conduct training faster and more efficiently than ever before.

In order to ensure your ogranizational growth, your online corporate training platform needs to be efficient and scalable. The set up should not take days. Besides, each of your learning audience should be able to access the course seamlessly. If you are still using the inept LMS then it’s time you upgraded it to LXP. The reason being – one of the most powerful aspects of an LXP is that you can automate repetitive actions. You can effortlessly create workflows that can manage thousands of learners in one go.

What is automation and how it can transform eLearning?

Automation, by definition, aims at reducing or eliminating human interaction/effort in a process. Automation has disrupted almost every industry, including the way manufacturing and supply chain. This application is now so commonplace that we take automated systems for granted.

Here is an example for your understanding – For instance, you sign up for a new bank account online. After registering yourself, you’ll immediately receive a welcome email and a product disclosure statement, as well as an information pack in the mail.

As LXP is rapidly becoming popular in its own right, and more commonly leveraged in the corporate training sector; the demand for integrating automation into the eLearning technologies also grows. And it’s not rocket science to see why it should be a challenge for organizations to adopt it.

eLearning automation can transform your online learning majorly in these ways –

  • It will make your online learning program more efficient and effective
  • It will seamlessly manage workflows
  • It saves a considerable amount of time and money
  • It enables customized and measured learning
  • It disrupts training outcomes in an organization
  • It provides learners more relevant data in a bite-sized format
  • It motivates learners to engage
How to automate your eLearning platform?

Almost all eLearning platforms have one thing in common i.e. algorithms. These programming codes control various segments and components of the LMS platform design, for instance, the learning content which your employees are able to access and the questions that show up on their eLearning assessments.

One of the most common segments of eLearning automation is the exam. The Learning Experience Platform generates the questions automatically and it can evaluate the learners’ assessments and grades them. Automated LXP can also provide immediate feedback and reveal the correct answer to the employees.

Through eLearning automation, you can customize your training course materials as well. For instance, the platform detects that one of your learners is struggling with a particular subject. It will then direct them to a refresher module instead of allowing them to proceed further to another segment.

The futuristic automated LXP may even create the eLearning content using Subject Matter Expert specifications and predetermined objectives.

5 essential eLearning automation features that make your LXP all the more powerful

1. Automatically add your employees from the database to LXP

Usually, eLearning administrators add learners one by one through a manual upload system known as CSV. Even though it works, but it is time-consuming. With the help of LXP automation, you can now effortlessly connect your learners with your LXP.  Whether it’s your HR portal or CRM, API capabilities enable you to easily integrate your preferred software with your Learning Experience Platform. Then once a user is added to your database, they are then automatically added to your LXP too. There’s no need to worry about adding your users, just sit back and watch them roll in.

2. Triggered notifications to update your learners

Now allow your learners to know about the time to start learning by setting up automated notification emails. These emails can be triggered to send the following

  • Portal Invites – Sent to new users when they are invited to a portal
  • Enrolments – Sent to users when they are enrolled in a course
  • Enrolment Reminders – Sent when you have configured enrolment reminder emails to be sent for specific courses

You can also edit these emails to reflect your organization’s messaging as well as add a personalized touch with a learner’s name.

3. Single Sign-On

Single Sign-On (SSO) is a handy feature that enables you and your learners to seamlessly access your LMS from other systems, like a CRM, with the click of a button. For example, if your organization uses G Suite, you can set up SSO so every employee can launch from their Google app launcher. As a bonus time saver, many LXP’s SSO, including LearnUpon, automatically creates a user the first time they click on the button, so there’s no need to even create them.

4. Automating your reports

Reports are usually run manually within an LXP to get the information you need. However, if you are continuously running the same reports, it’s time you consider automating. You can set up your reports to be sent on a scheduled basis. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly, it enables you to access all the invaluable information you need.

5. Never miss a certification

While gamification elements such as badges boost encouragement, certificates authenticate the training undertaken by the employees. Instead of having to manually update and send a certificate, your LXP allows you to handily automate the entire process. You can choose to attach a certificate to a course that is awarded to your learner after their training is completed. Certificates are also customizable. Custom fields, text, names – all can be added so your learner receives a personalized certificate proving they’ve done their work.

To conclude…

eLearning automation will become an increasingly important tool for educators in large organizations. This is why it’s important for HR managers to consider how their chosen LXP accommodates automation, allowing them to tailor innovative solutions that simplify the process of educating while enriching experiences for learners.

To learn more about how LXP can help you prepare for coming trends in workforce education, you can contact us to know more about automating your existing eLearning platform today.