5 Solutions You can Get from Modern Learning Platform   


Have you ever tried a modern learning platform like LXP for yourself or you are still exploring its aspects – how a Learning Experience Platform exactly works and what are its benefits and why you should even consider migrating from your existing LMS platform to LXP?

eLearning software has been there for decades and never before its importance has been realized like this and we’re just getting started disrupting the modern learning platform.

By now you’ve invested a fortune and a considerable amount of time in the market so as to maintain the quality and consistency of your brand. However, have all of your efforts lived up to your marketing expectations? Do your customers enjoy an optimal shopping experience no matter where they are? Is your staff well trained enough to guide the customers and strengthen the branding experience? If not then how then can you effectively standardize the customer experience? How can you effectively train your employees to enhance their skills and handle any kind of situation?

While the traditional guideline kit is helpful; it cannot be the ultimate modern learning platform solution considering the fact that there are so many things to be considered. LXP is now being widely adopted by organizations to upgrade and augment their on-going training programs across all of their franchise locations. The modern learning platform helps them to meet their mission-critical objectives at ease. Let’s consider the retail sector and see how LXP is disrupting this industry.

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Successful retail companies have already realized this factor that an effective training program powered by a proven LMS software for their franchisees paves the pathway to profitability and brand success. The disruptive LXP enables the franchisors to train their employees within a reduced time frame and budget, unlike the traditional classroom method. More importantly, Learning Experience Platform allows your workforce to train anywhere and anytime thereby establishing consistency in training for all levels of staff. The learning management provides the ideal platform to deploy your customized and flexible online training programs without any fuss. To make it more efficient, you can also monitor compliance, activity levels, and assess your employees’ training progress staff. This is just the beginning, as there are many more features embedded in such online training software.

“Training is one of the cornerstones of success for Jiffy Lube International. Our robust training program ensures that everyone who works in the Jiffy Lube system has a sound foundation to match the excellent customer service experience our customers have come to expect.” ~ Steve Ledbetter, President, Jiffy Lube International

5 key solutions a modern learning platform can endure
  1. Enhancing the speed and effectiveness of onboarding procedure

This is one of the most commonly faced issues in the course training delivery. A modern learning platform helps managers to keep up their employees’ training completion with turnover, train the seasonal employees quickly whilst keeping up with the speed of market expansion. The bleeding edge LXP features a flexible platform that can be embedded with a diverse mix of training materials. This eLearning software can seamlessly blend both formal and informal learning methods and accommodate different learning needs simultaneously.

  1. Optimizing the training experience and maintaining consistency across all locations

Providing consistent training materials to all the employees across all store locations is another big challenge faced in the retail training sector. With the Learning Experience Platform, you can ensure your employees have up-to-date knowledge on policies and product information. This further helps in creating a uniform customer experience across store locations. The modern learning platform provides a centralized learning content management platform to keep all your materials up-to-date.

  1. Engaging the millennial employees

Millennials have a different set of expectations as compared to others working in your store. You need to adopt a different strategy to ensure your millennials are engaged and gaining the most out of their training sessions. Hence, you need to create training materials that are more engaging by introducing gamification, multimedia, mobile capabilities, and an intuitive user interface. These days, the LXP vendors are already enriched with all those features. You can also allow your managers to gain more visibility into the millennials’ training progress.

  1. Enhancing accessibility to the content

Getting access to the training materials without any interruption is still a challenge faced by many learners irrespective of leveraging an LXP. The advanced LXP software enables you to centralize your resources and make the content available in various formats from one centralized point of access. In this way, no matter wherever your employees are located, they can easily access their learning materials and resume their course.

  1. Maintaining compliance

Maintaining and sticking to the compliance standards has been all-time pain in the neck for almost every organization out there. That being said, in order to ease your burden, the modern learning platform solutions offer compliance training applications that track your employees’ training activity. You can now monitor and ensure your staff has completed health and safety and other compliance training.

To conclude…

There is no doubt that the modern learning platform has become the ultimate choice in providing an effective corporate learning experience. Modern LXP uses reactive technologies to disrupt and expand the horizon of eLearning. We hope this following list helps you in deciding why you should consider an LXP for your learning requirements. See how Sparkwork can improve your employee training. Contact us for a free demo today.