Best Learning Experience Platform (LXP) Software in 2020


Is your Learning Management System not serving its purpose? Do you think your L&D department desperately needs a change? If the answer is yes then it’s time you migrated your LMS to Learning Experience Platform. In this post, we’ll explore how LXP is quickly becoming the leading industry players’ ultimate choice, the benefits, the aspects and the best LXP Software in 2020. Do have a read!

Getting to know Learning Experience Platform

When an organization decides to implement an online training program, it must consider the primary drivers including knowledge/skills development and regulatory compliance which they can invest in their eLearning endeavor. While LMS simply helps the L&D department to roll out the training program, track progress/completion, and analyze the success of the learners; a Learning Experience Platform is more about establishing and nurturing a culture of online training within an organization. It is a platform where your employees can easily access learning content that matches their job skills and personal interests. In the case of LXP they want to, rather than because their managers or the HR department had asked them to take up the training. That’s why the term ‘Experience’ is the differentiator as compared to Management in LMS. An LXP empowers the learners with a truly engaging experience which they can use it at their own discretion.

Many of the concerns mentioned above have ultimately given rise to the latest emerging generation of systems in the corporate training industry known as Learning Experience Platforms, often referred to as an LXP or LEP. When iPod was launched in 2005, the sale went up to 42 million, thereby making Steve Jobs an IT legend across the world. Irrespective of the recession, soon there was a storm for the UX designers rose. And from this UX craze, grew several other mushrooms, which paved ways to new fields.

Instructional Design was among these mushrooms. As technology was booming, the software expectations were also shifting. In those days, Massive Open Online Courses were making their presence felt, thus introducing the digital learning era. Right from courses provided by top universities like Harvard and MIT to more commoditized, and accessible courses across the web, Instructional Design was more or less leveraged to crafting a certain kind of learning experience.

The history of the evolution of UX to eLearning to LMS to AI-empowered Learning Experience Platform is much more complex. If you’re wondering why LXP is such hype these days and exactly what role it has to play in eLearning, let’s just put it in this way; ‘It matters. A lot.’

LXP – The Great Driver

Learning Experience enables the Instructional Designers to bring to the table most of their ‘design thinking’ as a tool to evaluate how effective online courses are.

eLearning courses are not created equal. Learners might be at times confused why they couldn’t finish their assigned course within the given timeline. Also, learners might find it difficult to yield the required knowledge from a module’s delivery style.

Without applying the design thinking principles to the course content, Instructional Designers will keep wondering —’But why didn’t this work?’ Enhancement in courses, solutions, and usability would never occur if at all Learning Experience Platform is not your priority.

The evolution of eLearning is simply not possible without design thinking because it is the soul of the learning management system. It’s time employers asked if their LMS platforms are working. Design thinking principles enable them with a tool with which to sift out the answers.

Sparkwork LXP – The best software in 2020

The brand prefers to be rather known as ‘The Long-Standing Learning Platform’. The Sparkwork Learning Experience Platform is designed to help learners learn and hone their skill sets and assist businesses to discover, develop, and measure their organizational abilities.

Customer Testimonial

The one thing Sparkwork LXP does better than any other online training solution provider is they effectively curate and drive learning content that’s relevant, timely and on-demand. I think there’s no other LMS platform today that beats that.

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