Essential Components of Learning Experience Platform


In this post, we are going to discuss the essential components of a Learning Experience Platform. Just as a traditional LMS comes with the standard functionalities including creating and assigning courses, facilitating SCORM content, building learning pathways, etc., in the same way here are the key features that an ideal LXP should have.

Essentials features of Learning Experience Platform
  1. Facilitating user-generated content

It is both time-consuming and expensive to create all of your training materials from scratch. Also, being dependent on L&D often doesn’t resonate with learners anymore. This is why, you should transpire your L&D functions into user-generated content so as to surface more information and knowledge from those who know it best – the colleagues (past learners).

Your employees can share content in the form of screenshots, webcam recordings, images, videos, and online content (i.e. web links, YouTube links, etc.).

  1. Leading-edge UI and UX

Ideally, your Learning Experience Platform should be capable of capturing, facilitating and sharing the assorted course content. The content should be visually pleasing, look modern to the users and should be self-explanatory and easy for even the newest of users to navigate.

Many new systems put a huge emphasis on the ‘wow factor’ of a stunning user interface (because let’s face it, most LMSs are NOT aesthetically pleasing). But the promise and expectation built by a great UI are often let down by sub-par user experiences.

Also, make sure that your LXP is intuitive and interactive. It should be designed in such a way that it can be easily accessed from any logical device and should be comprehensive enough to impart customizable training to the workforce.

  1. Easy content creation and curation

Your L&D should be able to enable you to quickly create content that can be populated within the system through automation. A Learning Experience Platform is a learning ecosystem, which means that it should always be sustained with updated training materials so that it can thrive. With the help of LXP, your online training admins will now be able to maintain the eLearning platform fresh with new learning content thereby eliminating the manual content upload task.

  1. Customization as standard

In order to ensure an effective online training program, it’s essential that your LXP offers you a customizable platform where you can tailor course content as per the learner’s demands and requirements. In fact, 52% of learners voluntarily share personal data in exchange for product recommendations that meet their requirements.

No matter which Learning Experience Platform vendor you chose, we believe that customizable content is critical for your learners’ training success. This personalization which is relevant to your employees’ training needs is determined on a series of data points including:

  • Behavior-based data
  • Structured data

Personalization is much more than just a buzzword; it’s time the customization is considered as a learning platform standard. Your learners already expect it, so we believe this feature to be 100% essential.

  1. Boosting data insights and reporting

Gone are the days when simply completing a fraction of online training course was considered as a significant success for L&D. Now LXP admins are overwhelmed with terms like ‘learner-centric’, ‘employee engagement’, and ‘ROI’ etc.

If you’re looking for a powerful Learning Experience Platform for your business, we highly recommend you to look for potential reporting tool which enables you with a much deeper insight into your learners’ behavior, their engagement, and overall performance. Learning Experience Platform will empower you with data that allows you to iterate and improve your training efforts over time.

To conclude…

Last but not least always look for a Learning Experience Platform which is enriched with social media kind of tools to invigorate and motivate employees to take up your eLearning program seriously. We had earlier talked about the facilitation of user-generated content in this post, but you should also ensure your users are able to share bespoke and personal content that is essential for social learning.

Your LXP should facilitate touchpoints like collaboration and engagement between teams, thereby helping your workforce to empower knowledge powerhouses in your business and drive ROI. If you are still not convinced, you can book for a quick 15-minute demo today and together we can come up with some great solutions for your LXP endeavor.