How AI-driven LXP is Shifting Gears in Corporate Training


AI-driven LXP offers solution to one of the existing challenges for Learning and Development teams. The biggest challenge L&D professionals face on a regular basis is to produce training materials that will bridge the skill gaps that employees have today. Thanks to the digital transformation technologies like artificial intelligence, LMS has now taken a paradigm shift.

The AI-driven LXP has now transformed the eLearning platform by making the training interfaces more customized, intuitive, and engaging. Learning Experience Platform is now able to address the needs of the learners by shifting them to digital touchpint-enriched environment. The employees can now easily access the relevant and engaging training materials in a fizzy, with a steady focus on ROI.

Learning gets simpler with AI-powered Learning Experience Platform

The LXP is Learning and Development’s latest epiphany, having surfaced in response to the ever evolving requirements of your employees. Empowered by artificial intelligence, Learning Exeriene Platform is capable of now solving most of the challenges modern organizations face today.

Challenges faced by organizations in corporate learning

  • The increasing skills gaps in the workforce
  • Pulling in & leveraging the data effortlessly to determine the impact of
  • L&D investments on organisational growth
  • Switching over to automation from the traditional ‘top-down’ approach
  • Creating an engaging and collaborative learning environment within the workplace

ai driven lxp definition

The AI-driven LXP is a remarkable ‘one size fits all’ corporate learning hub that the existing LMS platform presents to the learners. The Learning Experience Platform is leveraged to curate and assemble personalized results based on data provided by individual employees at the point of need. This futuristic eLearning software enables the users to create relevant learning pathways to help employees strategically work on their workplace skills development.

These capabilities imparted by the successor of the LMS were coceptualized by industry thought leaders like Josh Bersin as the Experience Layer. It offers three core functions:

  1. Artificial Intelligence-led recommendations: Gone are the days when employees used to be inundated with overwhelming options to their training materials and resources. Instead, the AI-driven LXP now captures and provides the most relevant content pieces to the users, thereby boosting a greater user experience
  2. Resources: LXP offers high quality aggregated training materials along with advanced recommendations, based on the data provided by the learners and their browsing history. This further confirms that learners are getting the accurate results needed to complete their course
  3. Takeaways: At the end of a learning activity (within the course framework), employees are prompted to leave a footnote about their key takeaways from the training. This activity helps them understand what knowledge they have actually acquired and the skills which they can put into practice
Applications of AI-driven LXP in eLearning

ai driven lxp applications

Artificial intelligence can be of great use, especially to the monotonous task that can be automated at ease, thereby reducing the time and effort involved in it. Here are some of the ways AI can be leveraged to boost the overall eLearning experience –

Virtual training assistant

AI can be leveraged for cognitive computing to integrate advanced applications like language recognition through text and voice. Language recognition is still futuristic and at its early stage. Once it becomes mainstream, organizations can easily use it to allow an enhanced interaction between the machines and humans. In future, conversational interface will replace the traditional textual learning methods.

Educational institutions like Georgia State University have already started implementing this cognitive computing technology. They’ve recently created a chatbot to help students handle their course-related inquiries themselves. They also did an initial survey to determine the results of using AI-driven LXP in their learning program. The chatbot group had a lesser 21.4% of drop out perctange as compared to the group which had opted for the regular method.

Du, a leading telecommunication company from UAE, have integrated AI in their eLearning program and also chatbots in their customercare service. They have an icreased engagement due to reduced L&D time and faster responses to customers’concerns than other tele companies in the world.

Virtual mentoring

We cannot claim that only recently AI has been integrated into eLearning. Way back in 2010, US Navy had run a pilot project to train their new recruits in IT skills with the help of an aritificial intelligence mentor. You can relate to this if you’ve watched this 2019 movie, I am Mother, where an AI controls and manages an entire army of robots along with a human girl, who grows up under this machine’s parenthood.

Duolingo, a US-based AI company that provides a platform to learn languages. They provide an AI-driven LXP flanked by a chatbot (your virtual tutor) that supprots text and voice conversations for users to learn different international langugaes at ease.

Creating and augmenting content

As per the Artificial Intelligence Market report, AI in U.S. education sector is predicted to grow up to 47.5% by 2021.

Creating customized training materials for the employees is one of the strenous and time consuming jobs in creating eLearning platform for any organization. AI-driven LXP now takes away the most of the burden of the admin. Artificial intelligence is capable of automating training materials with the same degree of grammatical prowess as their human acquaintance. LXP with the help of AI incorporates advanced features like smart learning content creation, customizable learning digital interfaces, digital curriculum and virtual assistant to respond to learners’ queries.

Companies like Carnegie Learning are leveraging intelligent instruction design and LXPs powerd by AI to provide learning, testing and feedback to students right from nursery to graduation level. The machine learning-led education empowers them with adeuqatecognitive skills to dentify the gaps in their knowledge and overcome challenges.


No matter how technologically empowered your LMS is, it is useless if your online training platform does not yield good accessibility. A successful eLearning platform provides courses that can be accessed by everyone. AI-driven LXP can be of great use in this case by and AI can be a powerful ally in their quest. Microsoft’s Seeing AI app is a great example.

Seeing AI is an AI tool developed by Microsoft for iOS. This app uses the device(smartphone, tablet) camera to identify people and objects, and then the app audibly describes those objects for people with visual impairment.

When you are designing your learning materials, you can consider creating alternative text for your images and a caption your video. It will save considerable time and help reach your whole workforce.

To conclude…

As AI-driven LXP becomes more affordable, most of the basic tasks of creating an eLearning platform will become automated. By getting familiar with the various aspects of aritificial intelligence, you can elevate your existing LMS. If you are still wondering how to initiate, we can help you prepare for a new future in which digital transformation is going to disrupt almost every industry. Contact us today to discuss more about this opportunity.