How Learning Experience Platform is Disrupting Corporate Learning Industry


In order to ensure the success of your organization, you must take this as a thumb rule to continuously monitor the efficiency of your workforce to easily adapt the evolving digital transformation technologies and market changes. An ideal online corporate training program should be able to help your learners acquire new technological skill sets and know-how whilst refining their existing expertise, in a timely and efficient manner. It’s time you migrated your existing LMS to LXP – Learning Experience Platform. This next-generation training portal is adequate enough to meet the training demands of your millennial employees.

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The emergence of a Learning Experience Platform

Ask yourself – Is my existing LMS truly effective and yielding desired results?

The breakneck augmentation of online corporate training has warranted new challenges including seamless accessibility, quality of the eLearning, and applicability. The evolution in the digital technology followed by the changing requirements of the workforce has summoned for an immediate upgradation in the prevailing eLearning software.

Why is LXP needed today?

Today, LXPs like Sparkwork eLearning Suite is critical to prep up your organization for an ever-changing competitive environment. An ideal Learning Experience Platform is capable of adequately training your employees, assess their skill sets, recommend specific skills that they should work upon, boost interdepartmental collaboration, and drive learner engagement, thereby disrupting the corporate training industry as a whole.

Before we proceed further on how Learning Experience Platform is disrupting the corporate learning industry let’s quickly delve into its aspects.

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LXP – Understanding The Basics

A tool that incorporates personalized learning, virtual reality, and AI-driven chatbots in addition to organizational resources and content, the LXP offers modern, data-driven, self-directed learning that is unique for each individual user.

Organizations today need to realize that learning occurs everywhere all the time – not just in the learning platform.

A term coined last year and since frequently heralded by leading industry analyst Josh Bersin, the LXP is a fast-growing trend that works to curate and aggregate content, create learning and career pathways, build on skills development, and provide users with highly personalized content recommendations at the time of need.

The LXP offers many advantages over its predecessor, including smart recommendations embedded into a self-directed learning structure, employee-driven, and impact-focused learning experiences to name a few.

7 Facts that prove LXP is disrupting corporate training industry

The Learning Experience Platform is the future-proof employee learning podium. Your workforce can hugely benefit from this customizable, engaging and effective eLearning platform. Tailored to meet every individual’s learning needs, LXP is socially comprehensive and highly resourceful, accessible on one single online portal. While corporate training continues to evolve, LXP is rapidly becoming the superior choice for organizational learning. Below are 7 essential facts that prove LXP is going to become the face of the future eLearning.

  1. LXP enhances your existing LMS capabilities

The Learning Experience Platform is a holistically advanced version of your existing LMS software that radically boosts and enhances its capabilities.

2. LXP is highly customizable thereby offering a personalized learning experience

An LXP is capable of organizing mammoth-sized learning content. On this leading-edge learning platform, employees are given more choices than ever when it comes to choosing their course preferences.

3. LXP is progressive

Unlike a typical LMS, a Learning Experience Platform is progressive and can gather and organize training content of any volume. It not only empowers learners with learning resources from internal providers but also takes in all kinds of external content and enriches the course for an effective learning experience.

4. LXP is dynamic

eLearning software is constantly evolving. An LXP can be updated anytime so as to address the most recent requirements of your organization. In this way, your learners have the advantage of refining their skills within the fastest time frame.

5. LXP drives learner engagement

Learning Experience Platform leverages appropriate training content that helps your employees become motivate and remain engaged with their eLearning courses.

6. LXP supervises and guides learners

LXPs can help you assess your employee performance and identify the key learning gaps. You can work on these gaps whilst ensuring that their acquired skills will align with your business goals.

7. LXP can be seamlessly integrated into your existing system

One of the major advantages of Learning Experience Platform is that they can be easily integrated into your existing platform, which in turn improves the user experience.

To conclude…

Learning Experience Platform unifies your learning audience by boosting engagement. This increased engagement leads to greater collaboration and higher performance ultimately; LXP could be your one-stop online corporate learning solution.

The future of LXP is bright and it is going to stay. By 2021, the LXP market is estimated to reach $15.7 billion. Very soon, we will be witnessing more developed custom-designed solutions accentuated by digital transformation technologies including AI, IoT, AR/VR and cognitive technology to name a few.

So, do you still want to stick to your existing LMS or changed your mind to adopt LXP to give your workforce the best learning experience? Contact us today for a free demo.