Improving Customer Service Training through LXP


The following guide on improving customer service training through LXP is not just any manual; instead, this blog post can inspire you to breed a successful legion. All the successful businesses across the world have vouched for a superior customer experience! If you’re too aspiring to join the league then you should always work on training your employees to provide great customer experience, which is your competitive advantage per se. It matters! However, there is no shortcut to creating this magic.

We feel privileged to share some of our proven tips on customer service training through this blog post.

As per a survey done by Walker, customer experience will be receiving more priority than the product/service and its pricing. CX is going to become the ultimate brand hallmark for organizations spanning a across all the industries. 86% of the customers will be spending more money only if they receive an enhanced and satiated customer service. This indicates that the success of most of the organizations (both B2B & B2C) will depend on the kind of customer service training they provide to their employees to achieve this goal. Enterprises have already geared up and are busy investing heavily in their corporate training programs.

Here is an outstanding example about creating a superb customer service experience –

carlton hotel staff customer service training

Once a family had checked in to Ritz-Carlton hotel in Bali. Since their son was allergic to most of the food items, the parents had brought some specific eggs and milk for him. However, the eggs unfortunately broke off and milk became sour by the time they reached hotel. Even though the Ritz-Carlton staff tried their best to look for appropriate substitute food for this young guest, nothing worked out. That’s when the executive chef made an extra effort and called up his mother-in-law who was living in Singapore. He remembered a store in Singapore that sold the specialized eggs and milk. He requested her to purchase and arrange for an immediate delivery to Bali. The hotel employees not only created an extra ordinary customer experience, but were successful in developing a strong emotional engagement with the customer.

While this was an outstanding job, providing an overtly satisfied customer service is only possible through an appropriate customer service training program. All you need is to work on your employees’proficiency level and help them hone their skills and know how. Thankfully, digital transformation has made it possible to empower your workforce with all the required tools and resources to make them digital ready. A lot can be achieved through online training software – especially the future-proof Learning Experience Platform.

4 ways to improve customer service training through LXP

1. Add branching scenarios to your LMS to enhance customer engagement

While designing/upgrading your LMS, ensure that you have added engaging scenarios in the training modules.

What is a branching scenario?

customer service training branching scenario

It is an advanced form of interactive learning. The learners are given some task, they are required to make the right decision to get the desired consequences. Each result from the previous scenario then creates new tasks with more options. After completion of every step, the learners are exposed to next stages. The course is designed like a video game where the next stage is completely unpredictable, thereby making the entire training engaging and fun.

In order to make your branching scenarios a sucess, you must ensure the elements you have added are realistic and relatable. The elements might include images, the options, the story, the narrative maps, and script to name a few. You should add a couple of situations that your workforce experiences on a regular basis. By doing so, you are giving them the advantage of trying out innovative problem-solving measures to overcome common workplace challenges.

2. Create simulation-based eLearning assessments

Simulation-based courses enable the learners to have practical customer service training experience in a risk-free environment, where they can consistently improvize their skills. When it comes to customer service training, the employees can actively enhance their listening skill which is a crucial factor in customer experience. The employees dealing directly with the customers can transform into empathetic service providers, keenly addressing to the customers’ requirements and problems. The traditional book-based modules are not enough to train your staff. In order to enhance their customer handling skills, they should be able to apply the eLearning content into practice. Simulations could be your ultimate choice, for they allow your learners to experiment with the resources, and tools provided by the LXP. Besides, simulations also help reduce trial and error in their daily activities.

3. Be prepared to provide on-the-spot yet bite-szied training materials

There may come a stituation, when your customer service execustives will need on-the-spot online training content such as any manual. Learning Experience Platform personalized the course materials and empowers them with the knowledge at the right moment and letting them do their job more efficiently. Your employees will not have to stall your customers. Instead, they can immediately pull out an online training document and brush up their know how and guide your customers accordingly. However, please make sure that those spot-on training content should be bite-sized and have targeted information that they can absorb quickly and conveniently.

4. Create eLearning videos that educate learners about good as well as bad customers

Ethics and respect go hand in hand. Your employees should be mentally prepared to encounter different types of customers on a daily basis. While customers expect a good behavior and respect from your patrons, your staff also expects the same in return from your consumers. Create eLearning videos that show them both sides of the coin. That being said, they should also be made aware of the repurcussions of a bad customer service. They should always be aware of this fact and motivated to conduct accordingly.

To conclude…

customer service training testimonial


Did you know around 75% of customers across the globe determine the customer service to check how much a company truly values them?

Customer service is the backbone of your company, especially if you are in B2C. Hence, it becomes quite crucial for you to provide customer service training to your employees to handle different challenges, and you help your business succeed. 

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