Why Learning Experience Platform is Must for Business-Critical Training Programs


With the onset of the digital revolution, the digital transformation solutions including the Learning Experience Platform have taken center stage. In order to win the rat race, organizations have geared up in adopting the most advanced business tools and digitized platforms so as to offer boost user engagement and customer experience. One of your major business objectives should be ensuring your employees are empowered with the most recent know-how and are constantly honing their existing expertise whilst acquiring new skill sets.

You’ll find a myriad of write-ups across the web about how online training programs are critical to determining the digital transformation efforts of any organization. This kind of transition warrants adequate knowledge of adapting to the changing market scenarios. Apart from the updated information about any new project/initiative, an effective Learning Experience Platform can definitely help boost employee engagement and participation in the change.

Unfortunately, there are common pitfalls to an online training program that can impede its impact and over ROI of your organization. Let’s go through some of them:

  • Underestimating the effect of the LXP and ignoring the need for migrating from existing ineffective LMS to Learning Experience Platform
  • Taking corporate training for granted and treating it as nothing more than a ‘plug-in’
  • Assigning the eLearning platform design to the experts without a proper storyboard
  • Miscalculating the overall eLearning expenditure or cutting training budgets as other project costs overrun

Those above-mentioned pitfalls can be easily avoided by investing in seasoned Instructional Systems Designers and an ideal Learning Experience Platform service provider for the lifecycle of the transition process. Instructional Designers can pretty well analyze the learning requirements of your employees and can create storyboards accordingly while you look for an ideal LXP vendor. These professionals ensure that your eLearning program yield desired outcomes. They also are professionally trained in online training theory and develop personalized courses as per your business requirement with the help of Learning Experience Platform.

In order to employ a successful business-critical training program, you should constantly reconsider your employees’ training requisites in order to help them refine their existing skills and help them acquire new ones. While working on alienating your employees’ job responsibilities with the latest advancements in technology, you should also vanguard the quality of their communication skills, as well as their social and emotional intelligence.

An AI-powered Learning Experience Platform can facilitate leadership-led training and professional courses that are critical to your company’s success.

With LXP, you can expedite the following

  1. LXP helps you establish a collaborative workspace for each of your eLearning programs

You can create a new, dedicated and engaging workspace for your online training. You can either simply copy and paste the existing content or quickly create a completely new layout with the LXP’s intuitive drag-and-drop tool.

  1. LXP enables automation such as sending invitations to the shared workspace

with the help of automation feature, you can easily invite your learning audience. A personal link to the workspace can be automatically sent to their email addresses. The learning platform is just one click away. Voila! No usernames, passwords, or assistance required.

  1. The Learning Experience Platform helps you create personalized training adherence

If you’re facilitating a large audience then you may have to create tailored courses with different access levels. For instance, you might want to create private pages for certain teams to take part in a particular session.

  1. LXP boosts collaboration and social learning

You can boost learner engagement by inviting them to participate in discussing and brainstorming ideas by leveraging any combination of text, video, and pictures. After all, up to 20% of learning happens in developmental stages.

Training that is relevant, interactive, experience-based, and problem-centered is key to success.

To conclude…

If you are looking for the best training experience which you want to impart to your professionals, you can contact us for we specialize in in-person, face-to-face training solutions. Sparkwork offers a leading-edge Learning Experience Platform with particular strength in creating on-demand customizable training for organizations spanning across all possible industries. Our eLearning software is designed to facilitate multi-generational learning, and identification of potential business skill gaps, allowing L&D to put informed strategies into place.