Sparkwork platform is used by multi-unit operators from 4 locations to 4000 locations.

Sparkwork connects franchisors' every location, franchisee, frontline associate into one seamless platform.

Sparkwork helps in simplifying your different systems including Intranet, LMS, Franchise Management Software etc. by providing a personalized mobile-first digital experience to your franchisees and their frontline staff. Our proprietary Sparkwork platform connects with different platforms and then creates a modern mobile-first experience where users see things that are only relevant to them.

Franchisees and their staff are wasting too many hours working with old and clunky systems in finding the right information. Franchisors can either choose from our modular SaaS solutions in onboarding, training, collaboration, operations management, intranet and franchise workflow management or Sparkwork will connect to the franchisors’ existing systems and create a consumer style noise-free experience for better productivity and engagement.


Intranet & Communication

Put all your people, real-time communication & information in one centralized, instantly accessible hub. Personalized feeds remove the clutter and provide a place for peer-to-peer knowledge sharing and learning among your franchisees.


Probably the most user-friendly learning management system (LMS) tailored for franchise business model. Access training material from anywhere, any time, and on any device. Gamification, leaderboard, badges, stickers, personalized and bite-size learning ensure better engagement.

Operations Management


Create channels for collaboration, knowledge sharing and engagement. Bring all your franchise owners and their frontline staff together for them to find help and grow both their and your business.


Sami Koskinen
Managing Director, Timanttiset
At Hog Island Oyster Co. we see engaging our staff as the first step toward creating a great culture and an incredible experience for our guest, we choose Sparkwork because of the way it supported our connection to our staff in all the different location throughout the entire company and made it fun for them to be a part of a team!
Ben De Vries
Director of Restaurant Operations, Hog Island Oyster Co.
Sparkwork is used by our 600 convenience stores across Finland for informing, training and engaging our workforce. The gamification tools offered by Sparkwork helped us to instill a winning culture among our frontline employees.
Maria Sjöroos
HR Director, R-kioski
The old intranet tool was not meeting Fysios
Pasi Syrjä
Partner, Fysios Group
We were looking for a modern system that would be easy and flexible for both the content creators and the end users. Sparkwork came out as a clear winner!
Jonas Sandlin
HRD Manager, Mirka

Improve your Customer NPS score by 15%!

Our clients have seen 20XROI in less than a year by reducing the time spent on searching for relevant content on their old intranet and not leaving any workflow to chance.

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